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Amazon Quiz: Name the famous person, who painted this “Days of Glory”

Name the famous person, who painted this “Days of Glory” Answers

  • FZ Quiz was released on Amazon today in which 1 has a question, Name the famous person, who painted this “Days of Glory”, and the correct answer to this question is Satish Gujral.

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Q1: Name the famous person, who painted this “Days of Glory”

Answer: (B) Satish Gujral

Q2: This painting is an icon of modern art by Edvard Munch, what’s its name?

Answer: (C) The Scream

Q3: Hokusai painted ‘The Tsunami’ in which Century?

Answer: (D) 19th

Q4: This is the Self Potrait of which Indian female painter?

Answer: (A) Amrita Sher-Gil

Q5: What is the style of this painting “Krishna, Spring in Kulu”

Answer: (D) Symbolism

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