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(All ANS) When is Women Entrepreneurship Day celebrated?

When is Women Entrepreneurship Day celebrated? Amazon Quiz Answers

Q1: When is Women Entrepreneurship Day celebrated?

Answer: 19th November

Q2: Which of the following Amazon programs enable women-led businesses impacting lives of 9 lakh+ women in India?

Answer: Amazon Saheli

Q3: What has Amazon Saheli launched on the occasion of Women Entrepreneurship Day?

Answer: A virtual storefront

Q4: Which of the following types of businesses can sell on through Amazon Saheli?

Answer: All of the above

Q5: Which of the following Government Organizations are associated with Amazon Saheli?

Answer: All of the above

When & Why Women Entrepreneurship Day celebrated?

Come 19th November and we have a special day to celebrate called Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. This day marks the celebration of women business leaders and announces the support to them along with recognizing them for the economic growth and development. At the same time, we see women having a long history of being good business leaders and entrepreneurs. Ever since in the 19th century, we have seen too many taboos and hurdles coming in the way of female bosses. This is witnessed both in their home-based businesses and in scaling some large teams along with having some glass ceilings coming in their way.

There are several ways in which women entrepreneurs have contributed to the country’s economy. We have a long list of women business leaders including Cher Wang, Indra Nooyi, Oprah Winfrey, Falguni Nayar, Kiran Shaw Mazumdar, Vandana Luthra, and Gina Rinehart to name a few. These women are seen inspiring others to venture over the path of entrepreneurship via their success stories. We also see several women who are thriving with their startups or are now seen branching out over their own deemed ventures as freelance consultants. More and more women are now seen taking a new leap of faith in business to establishing their own schedule and thus earn huge money.

Talking about the history of this day, it remains the birthplace of a group known as WEDO, which is an abbreviation called Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Organization. This organization is known to have come up with its belief of supporting women communicating along with educating several leaders over social life along with even gaining economic benefits as well. Owing to the consistent efforts, one can find the UN announcing this day to celebrate the WED on 19th November, which is interestingly also celebrated on International Men’s Day.

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