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How Complete Flipkart Big Saving Days Challenge & Win Assured Rewards (Mauke Pe Chauka)

Under the Flipkart App New task-based challenge is live now. you can play & complete the challenge to win 15 supercoins.

Flipkart Mauke pe Chauka Challenges is a way for you to win rewards on Flipkart. All you need to do is complete certain tasks on the Flipkart app. At the end of each task that you complete, you will stand a chance to win a reward in the form of an offer or Supercoins. Whoever completes all 3/4 tasks will win a mega reward which can be an offer or some SuperCoins.

This Challenge will commence on 17th April 2021 at 00:00 hrs and finish on 2nd May 2021 at 23:59 hrs.

A challenge will typically consist of 4 separate tasks, on completion of which the challenge will be deemed to be completed by the user. These tasks will be in the form of on-platform actions such as visiting a page, wishlisting products, adding products to cart, completing a survey, creating a product collection, or applying certain filters on product search pages.

You will have to visit the challenge details page by clicking on the Flipkart Challenges banner on the home page/push notification that you will get. On the challenge details page, you will have to click on the “Tap to participate” button in order to activate the challenge. Once the challenge is activated, you will be able to click on and complete the first task. Once you complete the first task, your challenge details page will show that you have completed one out of four tasks and it will also show the amount of time left for your next task to unlock.

How to Play to Complete Flipkart Big Saving Days Challenge & Win Assured Rewards

Step 1: Update Flipkart App From App Store

Step 2: Open App & Find Muke Pe Chauka or Flipkart Big Saving Days Challenge Banner & Open it.

Step 3: Tap on the ” Tap to Participate ” Button to Start 4 Tasks. complete the tasks to win 15 Supecoins Guaranteed.

How To Complete Tasks: Flipkart Mauke Pe Chauka Challenge

Task 1: 

Click on 1st Task & complete Win 2 Super Coins – click on a task to check out the best deals of the big saving days. Just scroll the page till the end & go back.

Task 2: 

Tap on 2nd Task & Complete Win 3 Super Coins – Explore Launch Hub and catch up on new gadgets and product launches.

Task 3: 

Tap on 3rd Task & Complete Win 4 Super Coins – Wish to list your favorite products for sale. you have to just click on the heart icon to add a product to your wishlist. add at least 4 products to complete the task.

Task 4: 

Tap ton 4th Task & Complete Win 6 Super Coins – Check out Flipkart Select and add your favorite branded products to cart. (Watch Video for complete 4th task.)

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