Flipkart Quiz Answers Today 10 May 2021 All Live Video Contests

Flipkart Quiz Answers Today For All Quiz. Here you can find All Answers to today’s Quiz Answers. You will Find here Fake or Not, Daily Trivia, Prize Wali Pathshala, Bid & Win, Aage Kya & Power Play Flipkart Answers Today.

Flipkart Quiz Answers Today All 5 Video Quiz Contest

Flipkart Video Quizzes is the most popular contest. Many people are winning super coins, Smartphones, Wireless Headphones, Bluetooth speakers & more. We provide here Flipkart video quiz answers Today.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers 10 May 2021

Q1: Which California-based company was originally called ‘AuctionWeb’?

Answer 1: eBay

Q2: By land area, which is the second largest country of the world?

Answer 2: Canada

Q3: Which of the following cities is the judicial capital of Arunachal Pradesh?

Answer 3: Guwahati

Q4: Who is the first ICC Associate Member cricketer to get an IPL contract?

Answer 4: Ryan Ten Doeschate

Q5: What plane was flown by Charles Lindbergh for his solo transatlantic flight in 1927?

Answer 5: Spirit of ST. Luise

Flipkart Daily Trivia is An day quiz contest under the Flipkart app, you have to submit five correct answers to participate in the game. You can win Gems, SuperCoins & Products if you win the trivia contest.

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Flipkart Fake or Not Answers 10 May 2021

Q1: World athletics day is celebrated on Milkha Singh’s birth anniversary. It’s celebrated as a tribute to him.

Answer 1: fake

Q2: Rabindranath Tagore was announced as the first Non-European literature laureate.

Answer 2: not fake

Q3: Akshay Kumar is the only actor who has worked with the 4 most popular Khans of Bollywood

Answer 3: fake

Flipkart Fake or Not is a Video-Based Quiz Contest there are 3 questions to answer. You have to play the video to play fake or not. You will win SuperCoins, Smartphones, Wireless Headphones & more.

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Flipkart Daam Sahi Hai Answers 10 May 2021

Q1: Is OnePlus Band’s MRP greater or less than 5000?

Answer 1: less than 5000

Q2: The MRP of Powermax Multifunctional Treadmill is 35000 – True or False?

Answer 2: false

Q3: What is the correct MRP of Wonderchef Nutri-blend Juicer Mixer Grinder?

Answer 3: 5500

Daam Sahi Hai Flipkart Quiz is totally based on products prize, you have to choose the correct price of the product. there will be 3 questions. if you submit correct answers the you will get super coins, gadgets & more.

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Flipkart Prize Wali Pathshala Answers 10 May 2021

Q1: What item commonly found in the kitchen is scientifically named Sodium Chloride?

Answer 1: salt

Q2: Which monument in Delhi was built as an observatory by Raja Jai Singh II?

Answer 2: Jantar Mantar

Q3: Who amongst the following actresses won the National award for the best actress first?

Answer 3: Priyanka Chopra

Flipkart Prize Wali Pathshala is one of the most popular contests under the Flipkart games. 3 questions will ask during the video. If you win then you will win Flipkart Gift Vouchers, SuperCoins & more.

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Flipkart Aage Kya Answers 10 May 2021

Q1: What’s next ?

Answer 1: man fall from his stage

Q2: What’s next ?


Q3: What’s next ?

Answer 3: man sleeps and fall

This is a funny video quiz contest. 3 questions will ask during the contest you have to guess what will happens next in the video clip. You will win an OPPO, Redmi smartphone, LG headset & more.

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Flipkart Power Play Answers 10 May 2021


Q1: How may runs Shikhar Dhawan has scored?

Answer 1: 380

Q2:  In a completed 4 over spell who has conceded the most runs?

Answer 2: Lungi Ngidi

Q3: How many sixes MS Dhoni has hit?

Answer 3: 1

Q4: Which spinner has taken the most number of wickets?

Answer 4: Rahul Chahar

Q5: Among the following wicket keepers who has not done a stumping?

Answer 5: MS Dhoni

Q6: Who is the only fielder to take 4 catches in a single game?

Answer 6: Ravindra Jadeja

Power Play is an ipl prediction-based game. If you Predict 6 Questions correctly then you will win Gadgets, Smartphones, Supercoins & more. even if you predict correctly 3 questions you will get prizes.

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Flipkart The Bid & Win Show Answers 10 May 2021

Answer 1: QUIZ OVER

This is Bid Based quiz under the Flipkart game zone, you have to bid the lowest bid in the slider, if you bid the lowest unique bid then you will win smartphones, Bluetooth headphones, smart tv, home appliances & more.

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How To Play Flipkart Daily Quiz Video Contest

1. Open Flipkart App & Tap on Game Zone or Video Tab.

2. Scroll Down to Play all 5 quizzes.

3. Touch the Game banner which you want to play.

4. Watch videos & Submit the correct answers.

How to Check Flipkart Quiz Winners

To check you win or not prizes you have to tap on the particular quiz banner then tap on the My Rewards Tab & then check the result.

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