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Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers 23 January 2021 Today – Hey Friends here are all the correct 5 answers to The Quiz.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz is Live Now. You can play the Flipkart Daily Trivia Play and win Vouchers, Gems & More. If You are looking for fast and right Flipkart quiz answers here are all 5 correct answers to The Quiz.


  • Quiz Prizes: Gems, Vouchers & Prizes
  • Total Prizes: 1 Lakh + Prizes
  • Available on: Flipkart Game
  • Based on: General Knowledge
  • Date & Time: 21st Jan, 20 AM to 20 PM
  • Winner Announcement: Immediately

How to Play Flipkart Quiz 23rd January

1.. Download Flipkart App From Google Play Store OR Apple Store.

2. Open & Sign in to the Flipkart App.

3. Open Games Section in the app & Find Daily Trivia Contest

4. There will be a total of 5 questions

5. Answer all Daily Trivia Quiz questions correctly to enter the lucky draw.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today 23 January 2021

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Here is Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Today:

Q1: In T201 cricket , who holds the world record of scoring the most runs and most centuries ?

Answer 1: Rohit Sharma

Q2: The ‘ Monkeygate ‘ scandal of 2008 involved Andrew Symonds and which other cricketer ?

Answer 2: Harbhajan Singh

Q3: Which is the most successful club in UEFA Champions League’s history ?

Answer 3: Real Madrid

Q4: Badminton superstar P. V. Sindhu was appointed a deputy collector in which state ?

Answer 4: Andhra Pradesh

Q5: Which sportsperson was appointed as UNICEF India’s first youth ambassador ?

Answer 5: Hima Das

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22 January Daily Trivia Quiz Answers

Q1: Which Bollywood actress starred in the Tamil film VIP 2 with Dhanush?

Answer 1: Kajol

Q2: Who among these was a part of Shah Rukh Khan’s debut film?

Answer 2: Rishi Kapoor

Q3: Who among these has NOT received the Filmfare Award for Lifetime Achievement?

Answer 3: Satyajit Ray

Q4: In which of these TV shows has a Bollywood actor featured?

Answer 4: 24

Q5: Which musician became deaf by 40 and then stopped performing in public?

Answer 5: Beethoven

21 January Daily Trivia Quiz Answers

Q1: On which day of the week was Mangalyaan launched?

Answer 1: Tuesday

Q2: Tellicherry Black and Malabar Black are variants of which condiment?

Answer 2: Pepper

Q3: The officers of which of these organisations were once called Kaoboys?

Answer 3: RAW

Q4: Which e-commerce company has launched an internet browser called ‘Internet’?

Answer 4: Amazon

Q5: Where was India’s first garbage festival ‘Kachra Mahotsav’ held in January 2018?

Answer 5: Raipur

20 January Daily Trivia Quiz Answers

Q1: Who holds the record of the highest individual score in an ODI World Cup match?

Answer 1: Martin Guptill

Q2: Which of these politicians has served as the president of the BCCI?

Answer 2: Sharad Pawar

Q3: Which of these cricketers is the official Rhino Ambassador for WWF-India?

Answer 3: Rohit Sharma 

Q4: The 1st Indian female gymnast to win a Commonwealth Games medal, Dipa Karmakar belongs to

Answer 4: Tripura

Q5: Which of these sportspersons is currently a member of the Rajya Sabha?

Answer 5: Mary Kom

19 January Daily Trivia Quiz Answers

Q1: What are Pikachu, Bulbasaur and Squirtle examples of?

Answer 1: Pokemon

Q2: Which of these superhero movies was Bollywood’s first 3D Film?

Answer 2: Shiv Ka Insaaf

Q3: Who hosted the ETV Marathi TV show ‘Kon Hoeel Marathi Crorepati’?

Answer 3: Sachin Khedekar

Q4: What is the stage name of Marshall Bruce Mathers III?

Answer 4: Eminem

Q5: Who is the first Indian to present an Oscar Award?

Answer 5:  Persis Khambatta

18 January Daily Trivia Quiz Answers

Q1: The current elected head of Roman Catholic Church is Pope_

Answer 1: Francis

Q2: The Onge, Sentinelese and Jarawa are tribes from which place in India?

Answer 2: Andaman and Nicobar 

Q3: Which disease, widely found in India; is also called Hansen’s Disease?

Answer 3: Leprosy

Q4: Launched in 1992, IBM Simon is popularly called as the world’s first

Answer 4: smartphone

Q5: What feature of Apple iPhone X was advertised using RD Burman’s music?

Answer 5: Face Unlock

16 January Daily Trivia Quiz Answers

Q1: Which 90s TV show starring Shekhar Suman was produced by Jaya Bachchan?

Answer 1: Dekh Bhai Dekh

Q2: Which of these movies was directed by Sanjay Leela Bhansali?

Answer 2: Black

Q3: Which Sri Devi and Anil Kapoor starring film was directed by Yash Chopra?

Answer 3: Lamhe

Q4: Which Doordarshan series by Kamal Saigal dealt with the aftermath of India’s partition?

Answer 4: Buniyaad

Q5: Which actor has not played a character in any of the Harry Potter films?

Answer 5: Bryan Cranston

14 January Daily Trivia Quiz Answers

Q1: Which fashion designer is the daughter of a legendary West Indian cricketer?

Answer 1: Masaba Gupta

Q2: Which Australian cricketer is banned from leadership positions permanently?

Answer 2: David Warner

Q3: Which Australian cricketer is banned from leadership positions permanently?

Answer 3: Parthiv Patel

Q4: In 2012, who was appointed the chairman of ICC’s cricket committee?

Answer 4: Anil Kumble

Q5: Who is on top of Forbes’ list of the world’s highest-paid athletes of 2019?

Answer 5: Lionel Messi

13 January Daily Trivia Quiz Answers

Q1: Which Anil Kapoor and Abhishek Bachchan starrer film was directed by Anupam Kher?

Answer 1: Om Jai Jagadish

Q2: In the Netflix film Drive, the thieves managed to steal money and gold from

Answer 2: Rashtrapati Bhavan

Q3:  In which film does Salman Khan play the role of an AIDS patient?

Answer 3: Phir Milenge

Q4: In which of these films did Dharmendra play a filmstar?

Answer 4: Guddi

Q5: Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor in Marvel films, was seen in which film franchise reboot?

Answer 5: Men in Black

10 January Daily Trivia Quiz Answers

Q1: Also made into films, the video game Angry Birds was created by

Answer 1: Rovio Entertainment

Q2: Whose father penned the lyrics of the song ‘Rang Barse’ from the film ‘Silsila’?

Answer 2: Amitabh Bachhan

Q3: Which actor directed ‘Poorna’ about a teenager’s feat of climbing Mt. Everest?

Answer 3: Rahul Bose

Q4: Who won the Filmfare for Best Actor and Best Debut Actor in the same year?

Answer 4: Hritik Roshan

Q5: Which is the first Indian movie to gross 1 Crore at box office?

Answer 5: Kismet

Flipkart Daily Trivia – FAQ

1. What is Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz?

Flipkart Started Quiz Game Which Called Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Contest. This Quiz contest Available in Flipkart Official App only. There are GK Based total of 5 questions & You have to submit correct answers to win Gems, Vouchers & Prizes, Gems & Gifts Voucher.

2. Where to Play Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz?

You Can Play Daily Trivia only on Official Flipkart App & This Quiz not available on the Website.

3. When is the Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz conducted?

Daily Trivia Flipkart Quiz will be conducting daily 20:00 AM To 12:59 PM

4. Where i will get fast Flipkart trivia Answers daily?

Once Flipkart trivia quiz questions updated 20:00 AM then tophunt.IN will update answers so quickly.

5. How to find Flipkart day trivia in the app?

To search or find trivia Open Flipkart App >> Select the game section in the lower right corner >> Scroll down & Tap to banner on Daily Trivia.

7. What is the age limit to participate in the Quiz contest?

Participate in the contest you must be 20 years or above

I hope this Flipkart Daily Trivia Answers Quiz will lucky for you will win. best luck.

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