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Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz, Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Answers 9 August 2020 Today win – Hey Friends here are all correct 5 answers of The Quiz.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz is Live Now. You can play the Flipkart Daily Trivia Play and win Vouchers, Gems & More. If You are looking fast and right Flipkart quiz answers here are all 5 correct answers of The Quiz.

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4. There will be a total of 5 questions

5. Answer all Daily Trivia Quiz questions correctly to enter the lucky draw.

Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Contest Answers 9 August 2020 –

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9th August Answers:

Q1: Who plays the role of Katrina , based on Sangeeta Bijlani , in the film Azhar ?

Answer 1: Nargis Fakhri

Q2: The 2000 film Refugee takes place in which geographical feature of India ?

Answer 2: Rann of Kutch

Q3: About which musician has Kalpana Lajmi written the book ‘ As I Knew Him ‘ ?

Answer 3: Bhupen Hazarika

Q4: in DC films was a part of Mision : The actor who plays Impossible – Fallout .

Answer 4: Superman

Q5: Who was the first musician to be awarded the Bharat Ratna ?

Answer 5: M.S. Subbulakshmi

7 August 2020 Answers:

Q1: Directed by Tinnu Anand , which of these is a 1981 film starring Amitabh Bachchan ?

Answer 1: Kaalia

Q2: Which nickname is common to Garry Kasparov , Nathan Lyon and Paul Gascoigne ?

Answer 2: Gazza

Q3: Thomas Odoyo , Maurice Odumbe and Aasif Karim are all former Cricket captains of

Answer 3: Kenya

Q4: Which of these is owned by the business group that owns Britannia Industries ?

Answer 4: Bombay Dyeing

Q5: Which former model and actress’s memoir is entitled ” Anusual ?

Answer 5: Anu Aggarwal

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6 August 2020 Answers:

Q1. Who among these footballers is a FIFA World Cup winner?

Answer 1: Paul Pogba

Q2. Who is the only sportsperson from free India to win two individual Olympic medals?

Answer 2: Sushil Kumar

Q3. The 2019 FIBA Basketball World Cup was hosted by which Asian country?

Answer 3: China

Q4. First held in 1973, The Ocean Race involves the racing of

Answer 4: Yachts

Q5. In baseball, two teams of how many players compete against each other?

Answer 5: Ten

5 August 2020 Answers:

Q1. Rohit Shetty made his directorial debut with which 2003 film starring Ajay Devgn?

Answer 1: Zameen

Q2. Which actor is common to the films Rang De Basanti, Guru and 3 Idiots?

Answer 2: R. Madhavan

Q3. The lead actress of which film is a part of Bigg Boss Season 13?

Answer 3: Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai

Q4. SRK received the highest civilian honor of which of these countries in 2014?

Answer 4: France

Q5. Which actor featured in the Doordarshan serial ‘Gul Gulshan Gulfaam’ as a child actor?

Answer 5: Kunal Khemu

4 August 2020 Answers:

Q1. Which publication has published all of Chetan Bhagat’s books ?

Answer 1: Rupa

Q2. Which mythical king exchanged his youth for old age of his father Yayati ?

Answer 2: Puru

Q3. Which Karnal based company was founded by the name of Pal Boot House in 1954 ?

Answer 3: Liberty

Q4. Who among these was not a wife of the Mauryan emperor Ashoka ?

Answer 4: Subhadrangi

Q5. Alistair Cook became 1st England cricketer to be knighted since whom in 2007 ?

Answer 5: Ian Botham

3 August 2020 Answers:

Q1. The balls used in which of these sports have yellow , red or blue dots ?

Answer 1: Squash

Q2. Who is the fastest left – arm bowler to reach 200 wickets in Test matches ?

Answer 2: Ravindra Jadeja

Q3. Which city hosted the 2019 IAAF World Athletics Championships ?

Answer 3: Doha

Q4. Which of these teams did NOT play in the first ever NBA match hosted by India ?

Answer 4: Utah Jazz

Q5. Where did the Indian men’s hockey team won its last Olympic gold medal ?

Answer 5: Moscow

2 August 2020 Answers:

Q1. Which legendary actor was a part of the 2019 film Joker as Murray Franklin?

Answer 1: Robert De Niro

Q2. Which fusion rock band did Rahul Ram and Susmit Sen start in 1990?

Answer 2: Indian Ocean

Q3. Which of these characters dies in the climax of the film Sholay?

Answer 3: Jai

Q4.In 1958, Mother India lost the best foreign language film Oscar to a film from

Answer 4: Italy

Q5. Which actress is directing the upcoming Charlie’s Angels 2019 reboot?

Answer 5: Elizabeth Banks

1 August 2020 Answers:

Q1. Who has sung the hit songs ‘ Suit Suit ‘ and ‘ Patola ?

Answer 1: Guru randhawa

Q2. On whose gravestone would you find 772.5 inscribed , his calculation of heat ?

Answer 2: James Joule

Q3. Who among these was a member of the winning Davis Cup teams in 2004 , 2008 , 2009 , and 2011 ?

Answer 3: Rafael Nadal

Q4. Which country’s ” other national drink ” is Irn – Bru , a carbonated soft drink ?

Answer 4: Scotland

Q5. What day do we generally observe on the second Sunday of May ?

Answer 5: Mother’s Day

31 July 2020 Answers:

Q1. The Indian Premier League has not witnessed a team based in which of these cities ?

Answer 1: Cuttack

Q2. Dabang in Hockey , Indians in Cricket and Maharathi in Wrestling are the sports teams from

Answer 2: Mumbai

Q3. Which of these is not one of the two umpires in a game of tennis ?

Answer 3: Ball Umpire

Q4. Who became the first Indian male boxer to win silver at World Championships ?

Answer 4: Amit Panghal

Q5. Which of these is not a type of gymanstics event held at the Olympics ?

Answer 5: Aesthetic

30 July 2020 Answers:

Q1. Who played the role of Malik Kafur in the film Padmaavat ?

Answer 1: Jim Sarbh

Q2. Starring Amitabh Bachchan , who directed the film Aks ?

Answer 2: Rakeysh Mehra

Q3. Which of these film franchises was rebooted in 2019 starring David Harbour ?

Answer 3: Hellboy

Q4. R Madhavan played the role of Manu series . in the Tanu Weds

Answer 4: Manoj Sharma

Q5. Which 2018 film begins with a dedication to Amrita Pritam , the Hindi poet ?

Answer 5: Manmarziyaan

29 July 2020 Answers:

Q1. At 3,840 metres, Mount Saramati is the highest peak of which Indian state?

Answer 1: Nagaland

Q2. Which Mughal emperor built the ‘Shalimar Bagh’ in Srinagar in 1619?

Answer 2: Jahangir

Q3. Invented in 1924 in Mexico, Caesar Salad is named after

Answer 3: A Chef

Q4. Who among these demons was killed by Lord Rama in Ramayana?

Answer 4: Dushan

Q5. Reigning till 1912, who among these was the last Emperor of the Qing dynasty of China?

Answer 5: Pu Yi

28 July 2020 Answers:

Q1. Who is the 1st Indian to score a century in all three formats as an opener?

Answer 1: Rohit Sharma

Q2. In baseball, the final base a base runner must touch to Score a run is called what?

Answer 2: Home Plate

Q3. Which Indian batsman holds the record of hitting the most sixes in a Test?

Answer 3: Rohit Sharma

Q4. Indian hockey team won its first Olymic gold medal in 1931 at which of these places?

Answer 4: Amsterdam

Q5. Who is the woman for India to score a century in a Women’s Twenty20 International?

Answer 5: Harmanpreet Kaur

27 July 2020 Answers:

Q1. Which of these is not one of the studio albums of Ed Sheeran?

Answer 1: Minus

Q2. Who among these married an Austrian , Emilie Schenkl?

Answer 2: Subhas Chandra Bose

Q3. The tomato frog , comet moth , fossa , and lemur are some animals endemic to

Answer 3: Madagascar

Q4. 1st woman lawyer to directly become a SC judge . Indu Malhotra studied at

Answer 4: Lady Shri Ram

Q5. Other than Bolivia , which is the only other landlocked country in South America?

Answer 5: Paraguay


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Contest Terms & Conditions

  1. This Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Contest will commence on 9th August 2020 from 00:00:01 a.m. (IST) to 9th August 11:59:59 p.m. (IST) (“Contest Period”).
  2. To participate in the Contest You must do/fulfill the following :
  3. Age must be 18 years or above ;
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  5. As part of this contest, you have to answer simple questions that will be prompted on clicking the Quiz banner on the Gamezone page on the Flipkart app and website during the Contest period. You will need to select a response to the question prompted in the quiz . Subsequent responses from the same account ID is invalid. The user can only take the survey once and will get the reward.
  6. There will be a quiz running every day.
  7. Winners will be announced within 15 days from the date of participation and can check the same in their Gems / Rewards Section
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I hope this Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz will lucky for you will win. best luck.

Flipkart Daily Trivia – FAQ

1. What is Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz?

Flipkart Started Quiz Game Which Called Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz Contest. This Quiz contest Available in Flipkart Official App only. There are GK Based total 5 questions & You have to submit correct answers to win Exciting Prizes, Gems & Gifts Voucher.

2. Where to Play Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz?

You Can Play Daily Trivia only on Official Flipkart App & This Quiz not available on the Website.

3. When is the Flipkart Daily Trivia Quiz conducted?

Daily Trivia Flipkart Quiz will be conducting daily 12:00 AM To 11:59 PM

4. Where i will get fast Flipkart trivia Answers daily?

Once Flipkart trivia quiz questions updated 12:00 AM then tophunt.IN will update answers so quickly.

5. How to find Flipkart day trivia in the app?

To search or find trivia Open Flipkart App >> Select the game section in the lower right corner >> Scroll down & Tap to banner on Daily Trivia.

6. What is the age limit to participate in the Quiz contest?

TO Participate in the contest you must be 18 years or above

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