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Fortnite Chapter 3 Live event countdown: Check Details – Start Date and How to Play?

Fortnite ‘The End’ Event Countdown has Come- Check Details – Start Date and How to Play?

Frontline History has remained one of the popular and exciting games in the history of gaming. As per the recent buzz, the new version of this game is ready to get its launch tomorrow. This will further end up coming along with the end of the signal of the second chapter, which leaves people floating via the void and thus make the game return with the third chapter of the first season. As per the buzz, there are some speculations and leaks about the game that seemed to be on a high run and thus we see certain additional details also coming along with the event.

One can find the rumours and leaks that are seen running wild and we also come to know regarding the different details about how the event seems to come along with the same and one can find coming along with the ride. We can further take things through everything that we all come to know and play with. The makers have released the promos of the same and it showcases the incredible Fortnite event. How about checking the details of the same as under:

Latest – Chapter 3 Trailer Leaked

It was a trailer that came into the picture when we see the TikTok platform coming up with the leaked version online. It allows the gamers to enjoy loads of stuff and work towards the start of Fortnite Chapter 3. Now, if you check the Fortnite – ‘The End’ Start Date & Time, the event is expected to take place on 4th December, making this weekend big. The start time of 21:00 GMT / 16:00 ET / 13:00 PT has been all set for the same time. In typical fashion, one can find the event actually starting up  until around five minutes after these proposed times.

Also, if you look at the feature, general matchmaking, it is disabled for around half an hour as the event is seen starting up. Also, one can find ample time for  finishing the final match and jump over the event before it starts.

How to Join a Fortnite Event

As we mentioned, matchmaking will be disabled around half an hour before the event takes place. The only playlist of game modes available only you find things happening and will be ‘The End’ event. This event has made things really super and this keeps you updated with the help of making things work in the game mode.

Fortnite has always made it super simple when it comes to joining an event like this with the help of making it the only possible game mode you can play!

Leaks & Rumours

There are many more leaks and rumours coming along in no time and one can find this to work in the last few weeks and earn all the points at the end that seems to have become huge. The makers are now bringing something big in terms of characters and make the season very much interactive. Wait to catch it on the seventh season all set to catch you soon. So, all your wait is over now as we can see too many things coming along for you. So, have fun and enjoy!

by Team Tophunt

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