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How many people practice yoga globally

How many people practice yoga globally Amazon Quiz Answers

Amazon Quiz is live today, the contest run for 24 hours, during the period you can play contest by submitting five correct answers given below.

Q1: How many people practice yoga globally

✅ Answer 1 (C) – 300 Million

Q2: This herb is known to reduces stress and anxiety

✅ Answer 2 (A) – Brahmi

Q3: Largest Consumer of Tea

✅ Answer 3 (C) – China

Q4: This herb/spice is considered as a tonic root for over 5000 years & was used treat many ailments

✅ Answer 4 (B) – Ginger

Q5: Which of the following can be associated with Tulsi

✅ Answer 5 (D) – All the above

Q6: What is Cardomom called in Hindi

✅ Answer 6 (B) – Elachi

Q7: What is not an ingredient of TTP Tea Veda

✅ Answer 7 (D) – Cinnamon

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Note – 

300 Million people practice yoga globally.


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