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KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers Today 27 November 2022 | 24×7 Daily Quiz

Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 14 – Many peoples are Looking for KBC Pari Match Quiz on 27th November 2022 Answers today on time. KBC Pari Match Quiz is a 24*7 Daily Quiz under the sony liv app. the game is a skill and knowledge-based online quiz played on the sony liv app. Daily top 10 players will get a chance to win Rs.1000 each.

the quiz is the same as a KBC daily quiz contest, five questions need to solve in the pari match news quiz, and every correct answer will give a chance to earn 200 points for the user therefore 1000 extra points can be collected every day. Rank high on the leaderboard to win cash prizes, Kaun Banega Crorepati Season 14 audience pass tickets, Smartphones, Laptops, speakers, the latest tablets, Brand vouchers & more.

The contest will be refreshed on 27th November 2022 at 10:00 am & it will be refreshed again on 27th November 2022, 09:59 am. The winner will be announced immediately on the leaderboard.

How to Play KBC Pari Match Quiz

Open Sony Live App then Find KBC play-along section.

Open the play-along section and scroll down to find the KBC Pari contest banner.

Be the first to score all answers and get Cash prizes, pass & more.

KBC Pari Match Quiz Contest Details:

No of Questions: 5
Winning Prize:  Cash prizes, pass & more
Organizer:  Sony Liv App only
Contest Commence:  7th August 2022 to 30th December  2022
Episodes:  106
New Questions time Daily 10:00 am

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers Today 27th November | 24×7 Daily Quiz

Q1) Which among the following is smallest district of India?

Answer: Mahe

Q2) Which among the following is known as “Bible of Cricket”?

Answer: Wisdem

Q3) The Ozone Day is observed in memory of signing of which of the following protocols?

Answer: Montreal protocol

Q4) Zero Mile Stone is located in which city of India?

Answer: Nagpur

Q5) Which of the following is the northern most point of India?

Answer: Indira Col

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers Today 25th November | 24×7 Daily Quiz


Q1) Which country is the birthplace of the “Olympic Games”?

Answer: Greece

Q2) ‘Sohra’ is the local name of which of the following hill stations?

Answer: Shillong

Q3) In which year Indian Railway was nationalized?

Answer: 1951

Q4) Which is the largest wheat producing state?

Answer: Uttar Pradesh

Q5) What percent of the total geographical area of India is under Mangrove cover?

Answer: 0.15%

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers Today

  • 1st Answer: Greece

  • 2nd Answer: Shillong

  • 3rd Answer: 1951

  • 4th Answer: Uttar Pradesh

  • 5th Answer: 0.15%

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers Today 24th November | 24×7 Daily Quiz

Q1) Cricketer Ishant Sharma represent which state team in the Ranji Trophy?

Answer: Delhi

Q2) World Environment Day is celebrated on which day?

Answer: 5th June

Q3) The director of the film Tiger Zinda Hai is?

Answer: Ali Abbas Zafar

Q4) The first month of the Indian national calendar is?

Answer: Chaitra

Q5) Which of the following is the capital of America?

Answer: Washington DC

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers Today 23rd November | 24×7 Daily Quiz

Q1 – Which vitamin is available to the human body through sunbathing?

Answer: Vitamin D

Q2 – What happens to water vapour when heated?

Answer: Evaporates

Q3 – Which among the following country is considered to have the world’s first sustainable biofuels economy?

Answer: Brazil

Q4 – Arshdeep Singh is a famous player of which sport?

Answer: Cricket

Q5 – What was the ‘Black Death’ first called?

Answer: Great Mortality

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers Today 19 November | 24×7 Daily Quiz

Q1 – What player was the first to win five straight Wimbledon tennis titles?

Answer: Bjorn Borg

Q2 – What is the national bird of Estonia?

Answer: Barn Swallow

Q3 – What is the currency of El Salvador?

Answer: US Dollar

Q4 – In which country was Frederick Loewe born?

Answer: Germany

Q5 – How many leap years does 100 years have?

Answer: 24

KBC PariMatch News Quiz Answers Today 16th November

Q1 – Who was the first Indian to become the President of the UN General Assembly?

Answer: Mrs. Vijay Lakshmi Pandit

Q2 – Who wrote the book called “My Truth”?

Answer: Indira Gandhi

Q3 – Which of these inventions was first installed at a Hartford, Connecticut bank in 1889?

Answer: Pay Telephone

Q4 – Which is the highest navigable lake of the world?

Answer: Titicaca

5 – What is the most common waterborne disease?

Answer: Diarrhoea 

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers Today 15th November

Q1 – Which of the following instruments is used to measure humidity in the air?

Answer: Hygrometer

Q2 – Which nation finished with the most number of medals in the Tokyo Olympics 2020?

Answer: United States of America

Q3 – In which year was the first Nobel Prize awarded?

Answer: 1901

Q4 – The formation of a hole in the ozone layer is maximum over which of the following regions?

Answer: Antarctica

Q5 – What type of acid helps in converting milk into curd?

Answer: Lactic Acid

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers Today 14th November

Q1 – Who won the first medal for India at the Tokyo Olympics 2020?

Answer: Mirabai Chanu

Q2 – How many official languages are there in UNESCO?

Answer: 6

Q3 – In which of the following phenomenon does light bend as it enters a different medium?

Answer: Refraction

Q4 – What does a white flag indicate during a war?

Answer: Surrender

Q5 – Who has won the US Open Men’s Title 2020?

Answer: Dominic Thiem 

KBC PariMatch Daily Quiz Answers Today 13 November

Q1 – Where is the headquarters of the Organisation for Economic Co- operation and Development (OECD – located?

Answer: Paris

Q2 – The National Dope Testing Laboratory functions under which of the following union ministries?

Answer: Ministry of youth affairs and sports

Q3 – Which of the following institutions confers the Nobel Prize for Literature?

Answer: The Sweden Academy

Q4 – How many chromosomes are present in a human body?

Answer: 46

Q5 – Who is the highest-paid athlete in the world?

Answer: Lionel Messi

KBC Pari Match Quiz Answers Today 27th November | 24*7 Daily Quiz

Q1 –  Who won the women’s singles title at Thailand Open 2021?

Answer: Carolina Marin

Q2 – Benjamin Franklin is known for the invention of which of the following musical instruments?

Answer: Harmonium

Q3 – Which country’s flag is famous for having an AK-47 gun featured on it?

Answer: Mozambique

Q4 – Which of the following types of radiations carries the highest amount of energy?

Answer: Gamma Rays

Q5 – Which all the following sport is often referred as “The Beautiful Game”?

Answer: Football

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