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(Solved) MW2 Battle Pass Not Working? – Fix “Fetching Store info”Error

 MW2 Battle Pass Not Working today? Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 getting the “Fetching Store info” battle pass error for every player here are some working fixing tips, possible reasons, and more.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 players are frustrated with Fetching Store Info” error & MW2 Battle Pass Not Working after they try to purchase the S3 pass. as per Reddit threats, buying the battle pass on PS5, PC, or Xbox consoles, error pop-up & displaying message “Fetching Store Info” or “Fetching Online Profile” error. Players tried each and every troubleshooting step like updating the game or their gaming console, and rebooting computers but none of this is working. thankfully we have small but important solution steps to resolve MW2 Season Pass not working issue.

How to fix (MW2) Modern Warfare 2 Battle Pass Not Working?

To solve this annoying problem you need to read some troubleshooting guides:

Earn 1 BP token

I don’t like to give a general solution at the beginning but according to community and forum advice you need to earn 1 BP token to solve the battle pass issue. As you earn 1 BP token the battle pass feature resets full pages and fixes the bug and allows players to access the season pass and its multiple reward tiers.

Restart the game

Close the MW2 game completely and then restart it. Sometimes, restarting the game can help resolve temporary issues, bugs, or glitches. those who are on PC, they need to restart the, and Steam client as well as the game itself.

Verify your purchase:

If you have purchased the MW2 Battle Pass, ensure that the purchase has been successfully processed and verified. Double-check your payment method, purchase history, and receipts to confirm that the Battle Pass has been properly activated.

Check online forums and communities

Sometimes, other players may have experienced similar issues with the MW2 Battle Pass and have found solutions or workarounds. Check online forums, social media groups, or community websites related to MW2 for any discussions or threads related to Battle Pass issues.

Wait for a Patches

Ever since the Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 update of call of duty has been introduced, players have been facing many problems. Developers are very likely to release patches and hotfixes soon for the solution to these problems, so wait for the next update.


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