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Tata Nano New avatar in EV 2023: Check Features, Price & Launch Date Details 

Ratan Tata Ji’s Dream Car ‘Tata Nano’ is going to be Launched in India in its new Avtaar, this Avtaar of Tata Nano will be in the form of Electric Car, which can cost between 2-3 Lakhs.


  • Tata Nano Car is back in the news
  • car reaches a speed of 60 km in 10 seconds.
  • It will be capable of running 160 km on

Ratan Tata to Re-launch his dream car – Nano with few avatar: Check Features & Details 

Tata Nano Car is back in the news for the car’s re-launch with a new avatar. Yes, you heard it right, the Tata Nano Car is to be launched soon in the coming times. Tata Motors launched it for the convenience of ordinary people. Initially, this car was seen running a lot on the road attracting all the new and older people in the market. However, we have seen the brand – Tata Motors has almost stopped the production of Nano cars. You rarely see this car running on the roads. Things are changing thanks to the growing craze for electric vehicles in the market drastically. We know this craze is increasing all over the world, including India. In such a situation Tata Nano car has also been launched with a new look. Now, it’s time to dig in deep about the new car, all set to hit the market soon with their latest Tata Nano Electric Car. 

Tata Nano Electric Car – Digging Deep 

A photo of Ratan Tata is currently going viral on social media. In this, he is seen taking delivery of the Tata Nano Electric Car. Shantanu Naidu is also seen with them. Note that this car is entirely custom-made. We see the news spreading like wildfire in the market. Even Ratan Tata seems to be happy with this new launch of the vehicle. Electra EV, the company, behind was too quick to share a photo of Ratan Tata and wrote, “Our founder drives a custom-built Nano EV based on the powertrain of Electra EV; the team is the movement of truth for Electra EV. They claimed, “We feel proud after delivering the Nano EV to Ratan Tata and receiving his feedback.” The company has also used many hashtags along with this. Netizens are reacting to this post.

Tata Nano EV 2023 images

Tata nano ev images 2022

Tata nano ev 2023 Price & launching date

New tata nano ev avatar will be launch in December 2023. Price of the new small car is around between 2-3 Lakhs.

Know the features

It is said that the Tata Nano electric car has been converted into a fully electric vehicle using a lithium-ion battery. This car reaches a speed of 60 km in 10 seconds. It will be capable of running 160 km on a single charge. Digging it deeply, it will be a four-seater car. This car is manufactured by Electra EV company. Tata Motors discontinued the Nano car in 2018. Now, as we see the details coming over the landscape, we see the common person who is still unable to afford the car can bring out the best in the audience. You wait and see, as you have something the best in the market to share. Keep in touch for more details, while your comment matters that comes as feedback. Stay tuned!.

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