The watch shown in the video is ___ in colour ?

The watch shown in the video is ___ in colour ? Answer

Q1: The watch shown in the video is ___ in colour ?

  1. Grey
  2. Black
  3. Blue
  4. White

Answer: (B) Black

Q2: Helix Metalfit has a SPO2 monitor feature. True or False ?

Answer: (A) TRUE

Q3: How many days of battery life does Helix Metal Fit have (normal usage) ?

Answer: (D) 10 Days

Q4: Does this smartwatch have the heart rate monitor ?

Answer: (B) TRUE

Q5: How many sports modes are there in the smartwatch?

Answer: (A) 10

The new OPPO A16 comes with a ______ cm big display. Guess the correct option.

What are the amazing features that come with the 5000mAH long lasting battery in the new OPPO A16?

Which state boasts India’s first Water Sports and Adventure Institute?

Which of the following phones have Alexa built-in?

(All ANS) Does Dabur Honey Tasties have 0% added sugar?

Using data collected over the last three decades, a team of scientists from IIT Kharagpur created India’s first digital map of what?

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