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Which Friends character is known for the excuse ‘we were on a break’? – Amazon Quiz

Which Friends character is known for the excuse ‘we were on a break’? Amazon Quiz Answers

Explaination – The Friends character who is famous for the excuse “we were on a break” is Ross Geller, played by David Schwimmer. The line is from the episode “The One with the Morning After” in season three, where Ross and his girlfriend Rachel have a fight and decide to take a break from their relationship. However, Ross ends up sleeping with another woman that same night, leading to a big argument and the infamous excuse.

Ross and Rachel’s relationship throughout the series was a significant storyline, with their on-again-off-again romance keeping viewers invested for ten seasons. The “we were on a break” excuse became a running joke throughout the show, with the other characters often teasing Ross about it. The phrase even became a cultural reference point beyond the show and is still used today in pop culture.

Despite the controversy surrounding the “we were on a break” excuse, Ross remains a beloved character by many Friends fans. He is known for his nerdy and slightly neurotic personality, as well as his love for dinosaurs and paleontology. Ross also has a close relationship with his sister Monica and best friend Chandler, with the three of them forming a tight-knit group of friends.

In conclusion, Ross Geller is the Friends character who is known for the excuse “we were on a break.” While the phrase has become a running joke, Ross remains a beloved character in the show’s history. His quirky personality and relationships with the other characters make him a memorable part of the Friends legacy.

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Q1: Which Friends character is known for the excuse ‘we were on a break’?

  1. Ross
  2. Joey
  3. Chandler
  4. Mike Hannigan

Answer 1 (A) – Ross

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