Who wrote great epic Ramayana? Answer

Who wrote great epic Ramayana? Amazon Quiz

The great Ramayana Wrote by Valmiki rushi. that means the amazon quiz answer is option D.

Q1: Who wrote great epic Ramayana?

Answer: (D) Valmiki

Q2: Dussehra is also known as?

Answer: (B) Vijayadashami

Q3: In which state of India, Dussehra festival is celebrated with the parade of elephants?

Answer: (C) Karnataka

Q4: According to Hindu mythology Ramayana, which Puja is performed by Lord Rama to win over Ravana?

Answer: (A) Durga Puja

Q5: Name the weapon used by Lord Rama to kill Ravana in the battle fought at Lanka?

Answer: (B) Brahmastra

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