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Wild Rift Urgot Trivia Quiz Answers: League of Legends, What is Urgot’s nickname?

urgot trivia wild rift answers: Urgot This is a game character. urgot as a warlord, an executioner of the weak. People are searching to know about Wild Rift Urgot trivia Answers.

Urgot is a champion in the online multiplayer game League of Legends. He is a ranged fighter who wields a deadly set of chainsaws and a heavy-duty cannon, making him a formidable opponent on the battlefield. Urgot’s backstory is that he was once a Noxian executioner who was betrayed and left for dead by his superiors. He was later revived and transformed into a monstrous cyborg by the Shadow Isles. In the game, Urgot is known for his high damage output, crowd control abilities, and ability to tank damage.

Urgot is a playable champion in Wild Rift, and he retains many of the same abilities and characteristics from the PC version of the game. In Wild Rift, Urgot is a ranged juggernaut who excels at dealing sustained damage and disrupting enemy lines. He can also slow and stun enemies with his abilities, making him a powerful initiator in team fights. To learn more about Urgot and his abilities, you can check out the in-game champion spotlight or read guides from experienced players.

urgot trivia answers wild rift

League of Legends champion’s Wild Rift game, there is a new trivia-based quiz about the Urgot character, Players can play the quiz to earn rewards.

urgot wild rift trivia Answers & Questions Here

You can read all correct Wild Rift Urgot Quiz Answers with questions which is available in the game.

What is Urgot’s nickname? el apodo de urgot

  • The Dreadnought
  • The Executioner
  • Of Legs and Fury
  • Dredge’s Bane

Answer: The Dreadnought

In Urgot’s mind, which of the body parts did he once deem weak?

  • Legs
  • Eyes
  • arm
  • Heart

Answer: Legs

Where is Urgot’s original form?

  • Noxus
  • Zaun
  • Piltover
  • Bilgewater

Answer: Noxus

What are Urgot’s followers called?

  • Chem Fighters
  • The sound of UR
  • Sump Riders
  • Sludger Runners

Answer: The sound of UR

What is Urgot’s interpretation of the value of strength?

  • Strengths rule all
  • Only the Worthy can survive
  • Weakness is always an asset
  • Strength must be tested constantly

Answer: Only the Worthy can survive

What is the name of the prison mine that Urgot was held in?

  • Still Water
  • The Locker
  • The Dredge
  • Stealcage

Answer: The Dredge

Wrapping up:

urgot wild rift trivia answers are very simple, you can take the quiz & submit correct answers to mean rewards to use in the wild rift game.

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