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The film ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’ will hit the theaters on December 16. Apart from English, the film will be released in Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Kannada and Malayalam languages ​​across the country. Filmmaker James has decided to release ‘Avatar’ once again for the fans.

In the movie ‘Avatar: The Way of Water’, there will be an underwater battle between humans and the residents of Pandora, it is clear from the trailer of this movie.

Amazon Avatar quiz answers for today are available to read. Today’s price for the Avatar Amazon quiz winner is ₹100 Rewards

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Q1 – Avatar: The Way of _____ is the second film in Cameron’s Avatar franchise?

Answer 1 (A) – Water

Q2 – Who is the director of Avatar: The Way of Water?

Answer 2 (B) – James Cameron

Q3 – Which Australian actor plays the role of Jake Sully?

Answer 3 (D) – Sam Worthington

Q4 – Zoe Saldana plays which role in Avatar: The Way of Water?

Answer 4 (A) – Neytiri

Q5 – Made on a budget of $250 million, Avatar: The Way of Water is one of the _______ films of all time?

Answer 5 (A) – Most expensive

How to Play Avatar Amazon Quiz

Open Amazon App then search Funzone word in the search box.

Open funzone section and scroll down to fine Avatar contest banner.

Be the first to score all answers and get ₹100 Rewards.

Amazon Avatar Quiz Contest Details:

No of Questions: 5
Winning Prize:  ₹100 Rewards
Organizer:  Amazon App only
Contest Commence:  1st December 2022 to 6th January 2023
Hashtag:  #AvatarQuiz
Winner Announcement: 26th December2022

Amazon Avatar Quiz Winners Announcements

Avatar quiz contest commences in India from 1st December 2022 at 12:00 a.m. to 6th January 2023 at 11:59 p.m.

I hope you liked it & enjoyed the Avatar contest.

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