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Amazon Dating – Delivering Hot Singles Near You: Is it Fake or Real? 

Amazon Dating Site

“Amazon Dating” – Delivering Hot Singles Near You: Is it Fake or Real? 

Amazon.. Name is enough, the giant e-commerce platform, which all started as the world of the internet was in its infancy. It scaled new heights adding the digital extension to the world’s largest bookstore soon converting into a giant marketplace. Today, we hear about Amazon Dating, which seems to promise delivering hot singles around you. Thanks to the advent and popularity of dating apps and websites, it seems to have gained immense traction in recent times. The recent killings of a young call center in Delhi by food blogger – Aftab too met on any such dating app. However, talking about Amazon Dating, and asking whether it is fake or real, the answer is the former. So, are you wondering, amazon dating is real or fake, read on!

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What is Amazon Dating?

So, answering the question – amazon dating is real or fake, the amazon Delhi is unreal, and it has nothing to do with Amazon. The said fake site linking with Amazon is selling hot humans (both male and female) promising to deliver at your doorstep. So, to clear the air, you need to know that it is a fake parody portal, which has embarked over the web landscape only for fun and entertainment. However, the real intention is yet to be clear whether it is similar to some websites that proclaimed to sell women of a particular community. The website has all the babes like Suzy, Gruer, Ani and what not for you to shop and get delivered at home. However, nothing comes as the parody portal is created only for fun.

The Good and Bad

The portal is similar to the giant marketplace – Amazon, except it enlists several humans rather than products. The human beings are also listed over different image profiles as seen over the website along with their reviews and cost. If you intend to order some particular person, it works the same way like Amazon does in real life. The listing has special attributes or features of the person seen in it that helps you choose the right person. These include the height, weight, hobbies, etc. The next interesting feature of the people put on sale is the language trait, which helps in making similar pairs based on it. It includes affirmation, receiving gifts, acts of service, physical touch and quality time.

The best part is that despite getting all suitable people online and placing the order for the same, you do not get anyone at your doorstep. As said, it is only meant for fun and it gives the message that the person whom you ordered has ditched you. So, if you are expecting anyone real in person for the shopping, think again, it is a false parody website, which has come only to give people the real reason to enjoy and have fun.

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How to order hot singles near you?

As  you visit the website, you can find the listing. You can find several people with their price tag along with the features they hold in their lives. The site has been around for the past few months, however, it was noticed when V Day appeared. The day that carries love in the air brought the website in broad daylight. Several ads on social media and other digital platforms also talked about it. You can also see the site having a menu tab, which carries different categories like Your Last relationships. It is linked to Briney Spears’ YouTube video known as Toxic. Hence you need to check what’s coming up, you never know you will end up reaching to your Netflix movie or series through the person you chose and order. L:astly, it also has a Non-Ghosting Agreement, which carries an interesting contract for you.

Wrapping up

So, if you think Amazon Dating is real and has some connection with the giant marketplace, think again. You have a website, which only showcases people in its list for fun and get the results for sure. So, if you are planning to visit the site, do enjoy your time but you are not getting anyone for free or at your doorstep despite paying for her or her unlike the best dating app in India. So, what do you say, check the website – amazon india, visit it and collate your experience to share here below in the comment section. Till then keep checking for more similar interesting posts. Enjoy!

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