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What is Amazon Diamonds Redeem Points, and How to earn and use to get Discount

Amazon has embarked upon the Diamond points that focus on another type of reward in the current market. You can say that Diamond focuses on Amazon, like Supercoins on Flipkart. The reward framework has been acquainted with giving a wide range of its users extra reserve funds during the continuous Incredible Indian Celebration Deal. There are a lot of clients who don’t know about Diamond focuses and how they use them for reserve funds. So let us take a gander at diamond points amazon focuses offers to assist you with saving more in the deal. Assuming that you are thinking about what special stone focuses are and how you can reclaim them for extra reserve funds, then, at that point, you will track down the total subtleties on this page.

What is Amazon Diamonds Redeem Points, and How to earn and use to get Discount

What Are Diamond Points rewards coupons on Amazon?

Amazon has allowed clients an extra opportunity to save money on each buy. Diamond Points focuses on opening additional cashback offers.

Amazon has previously attributed precious Diamond Points to focusing on clients in light of their recent exchanges. So on the off chance that you have made a buy on Amazon, you will have some jewel focuses in your record.

In addition, you can acquire Diamond Points for different exercises and contests, for example, shopping, Watching Amazon Little television, Making UPI exchanges, Pursuing yearly Amazon Prime, and so on. When you have good reward points in your wallet, you can pick a proposal to recover and procure cashback after finishing the exchange.

What is Amazon Diamonds Redeem Points, and How to earn and use to get Discount

Amazon Extraordinary Indian Celebration Deal 2022

The amazon diamond points redemption system started on 23rd September 2022 and will go a long way before it stops. However, The extended deal welcomes limits as per the top classifications. The subscribers and users can get extra limits with chosen credit and recharge cards.

There are multiple installment offers for the payment, including UPI and or post-paid choices as per the client’s requirements. Amazon has concocted numerous appealing prizes for its deal. One such reward of the diamond point system focuses more on the clients’ compensation for various exchanges. All these rewards can be recovered for limits and cashback on select items and classifications.

Amazon Diamond Point Offers at a glance: 

No. Amazon Cashback offer Diamonds to Redeem
1).  Get INR 300 cashback offer on a minimum order of Inr 3K 1500
2).  Get INR 2000 cash back on ACs (Air Conditioners) 1250
3).  15 percent cash back on min order of Inr. 500 on beauty 300
4).  Get INR 1500 back on Refrigerators 1000
5). Get INR 1000 cash back on Washing Machines 750
6).  Get 10 percent cashback up to INR 1000 on Monitors 500
7).  Get INR 1000 cash back on Smart TVs 750
8). Get INR 200 cashback on min order of INR 2000 on Shoes 250
9). Get 10 Percent cashback up to INR 100 on Jewelry on min order of Inr 500 100

How to Redeem Diamond Points on Amazon?

The Amazon Diamond focuses can be recovered for limits and cashback on every significant class, including design, footwear, gems, Smart televisions, screens, magnificence items, and others. You can pick any classification relying upon your Jewel focuses balance.

For example, You can recover 1500 Amazon diamonds for level Rs. 300 cashback on the slightest request of INR. 3,000. If you need more Jewels focused on shopping, then, at that point, you use them to play in a fun zone with a significant stake and have the potential for success to win energizing prizes.

How to Redeem Amazon Diamond Points?

The following are the steps, which you can follow to use the same, have a look: 

  • In the first step, you need to open the Amazon app
  • Now, tap on the section called a reward of your choice
  • Then Click on the option called use diamonds
  • Now, confirm the choice confirm the reward
  • now have to shop as per the given category
  • Once you do that, you can get the cashback credited as an Amazon Pay balance. All you need to do is to check the amazon diamond balance and find out the same. 

How to Earn Diamond Points on Amazon?

The following are the steps, you need to consider while going for it: 

  • Get the chance to collect 20 Diamonds for every INR.100 you spend on it.
  • The Maximum diamond points you can win is 400 per item (it is for the Prime members only)
  • A maximum of 200 points will be for non-prime users on every item.
  • Now, register for annual Amazon prime membership to earn 300 Diamond points. 

Amazon Extraordinary Indian Celebration deal begins on 23rd September. The value will go on till Diwali. During the deal, Amazon will continue to bring new offers. If you are using any new bank offers, you are likely to take some time to get acquainted from time to time. Like the earlier year, the last segment of the deal will be Finale days which will stamp the finish of the Incomparable Indian Celebration deal 2022.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are diamond points on Amazon?

It is a prize arrangement of Amazon. Clients procure the diamond rewards for various exercises like shopping, watching recordings, Prime membership, etc. The bonus acquired can be reclaimed for offers in multiple classes with amazon diamonds redeem.

How can I earn Diamond points on Amazon?

Non-prime subscribers can acquire 20 diamond rewards that give each of them Rs. 100 spent. The most extreme Diamond focuses per person and product include Rs. 200 for non-prime and 400 for prime individuals. Similarly, you can procure diamond points for watching smaller-than-expected television recordings and participating in different exercises on the Amazon application.

How to check my Diamond points?

Open the Amazon application and snap on the available offers, like the Great Indian Festival sale banner. You will see the diamond stone choice, wherein you must tap on it to check your diamond points and the accessible offers.

Wrapping up 

If you are looking to enjoy a good time, how about checking the amazon diamond points redemption and keeping the ball rolling over the showering deals and offers online. All you have to do is to check the app and keep shopping to start collecting the cashback.. So, what are you waiting for, go for it, and happy shopping! 


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