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Amazon Ensure Brand Quiz Answers Ensure is a complete balanced nutrition drink for _____

The answers for today’s Amazon Ensure Brand quiz are available to be read. The exciting prize for the winner of the Ensure Brand quiz on Amazon will get ₹100 off after selected in lucky draw.

Ensure is a complete balanced nutrition drink for _____ Amazon Quiz

Ensure is a complete balanced nutrition drink for Adults.

A carefully crafted, full-spectrum, and balanced nutrition drink made particularly for adults, Ensure. It is a convenient and dependable source of sustenance to enhance general health and wellbeing because it is brimming with vital nutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Ensure offers a comprehensive blend of proteins, carbs, fats, and fibre, making it an excellent meal replacement or dietary supplement. It provides the right balance of energy, strength, and digestive support. Ensure provides peace of mind by ensuring that individuals get the essential nutrients they require to live an active and fulfilled lifestyle.

Amazon Daily Quiz Time Answers

Amazon Ensure Brand quiz answers

  • Answer 1 – Adults
  • Answer 2 – Vanilla
  • Answer 3 – All of the above
  • Answer 4 – TRUE
  • Answer 5 – All of the above

Amazon Ensure Brand Quiz Answers Win ₹100 off 

Q1: Ensure is a complete balanced nutrition drink for _____

  1. Kids
  2. Adults
  3. Babies
  4. Toddlers

Answer 1 (B) – Adults

Q2: Ensure is available in which of these delicious flavors?

  1. Butterscotch
  2. Mango
  3. Vanilla
  4. Strawberry

Answer 2 (C) – Vanilla

Q3: Ensure contains which of these vital nutrients?

  1. Protein
  2. Vitamins
  3. HMB
  4. All of the above

Answer 3 (D) – All of the above

Q4: Ensure has a nutrition drink specially designed for adults with diabetes.

  1. TRUE
  2. FALSE

Answer 4 (A) – TRUE

Q5: Ensure Diabetes Care scientific formula helps manage ____

  1. Blood Sugar
  2. Heart Health
  3. Weight
  4. All of the above

Answer 5 (D) – All of the above

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How to Play Ensure Brand Amazon Quiz

Step 1 – Visit the Funzone page using the search bar.

Step 2 – Under the funzone section scroll down to find the Ensure Brand quiz

Step 3 – Once you get the poster then tap & open the contest.

Step 4 – Attempt the Quiz, get all the answers right, and stand a chance to win New ₹100 off.

Step 5 – Tweet all your correct screenshots tagging @amazonIN & with respective hashtags.

Amazon Ensure Brand Quiz Contest Details:

No of Questions: 5
Winning Prize:  ₹100 off
Organizer:  Amazon App only
Contest Commence:  10th July 2023 to 14th July 2023
Hashtag:  #Ensure BrandQuiz
Winner Announcement: 15th July 2023

Amazon Ensure Brand Quiz Winners Announcements

Attention, Amazon shoppers! Get ready for an exciting opportunity to participate in the Ensure Brand Quiz Contest hosted by Amazon India. From 10th July 2023, at 12:00 a.m. to 14th July 2023, at 11:59 p.m.

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