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Amazon Funzone Sudoku Quiz Answers Solve & Win ₹10000

Looking for Amazon Funzone – Sudoku Quiz Answers Today with correct Answers & Options? be relaxed & read the information given below.

Amazon After celebrating Amazon Environment Day Quiz pushed a new sudoku puzzle for app users.

Sudoku means “single digit” in Japanese. The attractiveness of this game is that the rules of this game are very simple yet difficult to complete. Usually, some numbers are already given in the cells of 9×9. The task of the player is to fill the rest of the empty cells, in such a way that no number appears twice in a row or 3×3 cells.

How to Play Funzone – Sudoku Amazon Quiz – 

Finding the Funzone tab is very simple and easy for Amazon app users. The user needs to search for quiz word in the box & tap on 1st result then scroll the page to find the Funzone sudoku puzzle.

Funzone – Sudoku Quiz Amazon Details:

  • Quiz: Funzone Sudoku Quiz Amazon
  • Quiz Prize: ₹10000
  • Total Prizes: 5 Prizes
  • Available on: Amazon App Only
  • Based on: General Knowledge
  • Period: 1st June 2023 to 14th June 2023
  • Winner Announcement:  15th June 2023

Funzone – Sudoku Amazon Quiz Winner Announcement 

The winner will announce when the contest is over. If someone is selected, amazon will mail the participant about the redemption process.

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Amazon Funzone – Sudoku Quiz Answers Win ₹10000


Q1: Solve this Sudoku

Answer: (A) OPTION 1

Q2: Solve this Sudoku

Answer: (A) OPTION 1

Q3: Solve this Sudoku

Answer: (C) OPTION 3

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Q4: Solve this Sudoku

Answer: (D) OPTION 4

Q5: Solve this Sudoku

Answer: (A) OPTION 1


Ensure that you are using the latest Amazon app before participating in the quiz because we noticed that the quiz is stuck in middle when you try to submit answers. If you go back when playing Your chance will be less and others will be given more priority.

We hope you find today’s Amazon Quiz Answers useful and wish you all the best in winning this contest. Always visit tophunt for answers to such quizzes. Thank you.

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  1. Helping a lot to provide solutions to the quiz. But answers of Sudoku Quiz always create confusion as in the answer only A or B or C etc. is mentioned and one is confused as to which image is B or C whether the square on the right side of square A is B or the square just below the square A is B. It would be better if, along with A, B, C, etc., the square image is also shown.

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