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Amazon Server Down: Outage in the US East 1 AWS region impacts thousands of users worldwide

It was a tough Tuesday for the global consumers as they witnessed their favorite shopping site – Amazon server breaking down. The server was reported to have crashed amidst the Christmas Sales. The e-commerce giant was first reported about this chaos early on Tuesday morning at 10.19 am claims the reports of the portal called DownDetector, which monitors several online issues. Besides, there were also some reports regarding outrages for Disney Plus that seemed to be streaming as well for different games like PUBG, Valorantand League of Legends. Also, the shopping giant too had similar problems including for products like Alexa AI Assistant, Amazon Music, Chine, Ring, Kindle ebooks and so on.

The above-mentioned portal also enlisted a number of services that were hit due to the server failure issue. These include the outage reports for the brands like CoinBase, Tinder, Cash App, Venmo and Roku to name a few. With the failure, Amazon was quick to acknowledge the outrage and we see the same on their official status page that claimed they were working towards the fix. As per reports of the said website one can find several services getting hampered with the server break down for the following sites:

League of Legends
Amazon Prime Music
Amazon Alexa
Amazon Prime Video

The problem was spotted on the official website of Amazon called The Verge. It soon embarked with a statement stating that they are experiencing API and Console issues regarding the US-East 1 region. At the same time, they claimed that they have identified the root cause that seemed to be acting towards the recovery of the same. The very issue has badly hampered the landing web page of the global console that seemed to have been hosted over the US-EAST-1. The outage at Amazon was only confined to the US East 1 AWS region, in a sense it is pretty possible to see that not all have been experiencing the said issues.

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