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Amazon World Earth Day Quiz Answers Win – Rs.20000

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated globally on April 22nd to raise awareness about the environment and to encourage people to take action to protect the planet. In line with this, Amazon has launched a special World Earth Day quiz to promote eco-consciousness and sustainability.

The quiz consists of five multiple-choice questions and can be taken on the Amazon app or website. The questions cover various topics related to the environment, such as renewable energy, biodiversity, and sustainable farming practices.

One of the questions asks about the percentage of Amazon’s energy consumption that comes from renewable sources. This question highlights the company’s commitment to using clean energy to power its operations. Amazon has set a goal to be powered by 100% renewable energy by 2025 and is already making significant progress toward this target.

Another question asks about the importance of bees to the ecosystem. This question raises awareness about the crucial role that bees play in pollinating crops and maintaining biodiversity. Amazon has launched several initiatives to protect pollinators, such as its partnership with The Nature Conservancy to promote sustainable farming practices that support pollinator habitats.

The quiz also features questions about recycling, carbon footprints, and sustainable fashion. By promoting these topics, Amazon is encouraging people to make small changes in their daily lives that can have a significant impact on the environment.

Taking the World Earth Day quiz is just one way in which Amazon is promoting sustainability. The company has launched several initiatives to reduce its environmental impact, such as its Climate Pledge, which aims to achieve net-zero carbon emissions by 2040. Additionally, Amazon has invested in renewable energy projects and has committed to using sustainable materials in its packaging.

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Quiz Highlights

  • The World Earth Day Quiz was Conducted by Amazon India.
  • There will be five winners selected in this contest.
  • This Contest will commence on 20th April 2023 from 12:00:00 a.m. to 2nd May 2023.

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Amazon World Earth Day Quiz Answers Win Rs.20000 

Q1 – When is the World Earth Day celebrated?

  1. 13th April
  2. 17th April
  3. 22nd April
  4. 30th April

Answer 1 (C) – 22nd April

Q2 – When was the first Earth Day?

  1. 1900
  2. 1920
  3. 1950
  4. 1970

Answer 2 (D) – 1970

Q3: – In which year did the Earth Day go global?

  1. 1800
  2. 1850
  3. 1920
  4. 1990

Answer 3 (D) – 1990

Q4 – How many countries (so far) have celebrated Earth Day?

  1. 100
  2. 125
  3. 160
  4. 193

Answer 4 (D) – 193

Q5 – Who took a zero-carbon voyage from Europe to the United States to raise awareness of climate change?

  1. Taylor Swift
  2. Greta Thunberg
  3. Sia
  4. Ariana Grande

Answer 5 (B) – Greta Thunberg

How to find the World Earth Day Quiz?

To find the World Earth Day Quiz by Amazon, search for “Earth Day Quiz” on the Amazon app or website. Alternatively, you can find it on the Amazon homepage or in the “Today’s Deals” section. Answer the questions and receive your score. Share your score on social media and challenge your friends to take the quiz.

Overall, the World Earth Day quiz is a fun and engaging way to raise awareness about environmental issues and promote sustainability. By taking the quiz and learning about eco-conscious practices, individuals can make small changes that can have a big impact on the planet.

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