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Amazon World Theatre Day Quiz Answers – When is World Theatre Day Quiz celebrated every year?

Amazon World Theatre Day Quiz is represented this year with all new general knowledge based questions. World Theatre Day Amazon Quiz contest conducted for 13 days and the winner will announce on 1 day after the quiz end.

What is theater called?

Theater is made up of a combination of two words, color and stage means to present your art, decorations, music etc. as a visual on a stage. In other words, we can also say that, theater would mean such a stage where drama, music, spectacle etc. are presented. In this way, Rangmanch is the Hindi word for the English word ‘theatre’, which is a platform for entertainment. Theater is also known by other names like Auditorium, Rangshala, Natshala etc.

When is World Theatre Day Quiz celebrated every year? Amazon Quiz

27 March is celebrated as ‘World Theater Day’ every year. This day was started in 1961 by the International Theater Institute of UNESCO. The first ‘World Theater Day’ was celebrated in 1962.

After that, this day is celebrated with great enthusiasm every year in theater circles. On this occasion, an important person in the world of theater gives a message. It is an important part of UNESCO’s World Theater Day. In 1962, Joe Cockchu received the first honor of delivering a message.

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Q1: When is World Theatre Day Quiz celebrated every year?

Answer 1 (D) – 27th March

Q2: What are the objectives of Observing World Theatre Day?

Answer 2 (D) – All of the above

Q3: “All the world’s a stage, and all the men and women merely players. They have their exits and their entrances; And one man in his time plays many parts.” This quote is by ____ ?

Answer 3 (A) – William Shakespeare

Q4: When was World Theatre day initiated?

Answer 4 (D) – 1962

Q5: World Theatre day was initiated by?

Answer 5 (A) – International Theatre Institute

How to Play World Theatre Day Amazon Quiz

Step 1 – Visit Funzone page by search Funzone word.

Step 2 – Scroll down and Tap on the World Theatre Day banner.

Step 3 – complete the game with submitting correct five questions answer.

Amazon World Theatre Day Quiz Contest Details:

No of Questions: 5
Winning Prize:  10000
Organizer:  Amazon App only
Contest Commence:  21st March 2023 to 3rd April 2023
Hashtag:  #AmazonQuiz
Winner Announcement: 3rd April 2023

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