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Flipkart Coupon Rain Game Slice & Win Coupons Upto Rs.400 (Game Link)

Flipkart Coupon Rain Game – Flipkart started a new coupon rain game for users on 3rd September 2022 & it will run for nine days till 16th September 2022. Participants need to play the game and score high to win a prize of up to Rupees 400 from Flipkart. You can Play the Flipkart Rain game daily to score high & win prizes daily.

Flipkart Coupon Rain Game

The best part of the contest is that winners can apply all earned coupons during shopping to get a maximum discount on any product. each user will get flat 100% off with earned coupons.

How to Play Flipkart Coupon Rain Game – Here is Game Link

If you are struggling to find Flipkart coupon rain slice game to earn exciting prizes then follow the below steps to reach the game.

Step 1 – Install the Flipkart app or Update the current app to get the game banner.

Step 2 – Open the latest Flipkart & sign in with credentials or mobile number.

Step 3 – Tap on the search bar & then search ‘coupon rain’ & tap on the game poster.

Step 4 – Play the game by slicing coupons & score higher to win exciting prizes & coupons by Flipkart.

Note: If you are unable to search games then use the link – Open Coupon Ran Game

Flipkart coupon rain gem – What is the offer duration?

This offer is live during the period between 3rd September 2022 and 16th September 2022 (“Offer Period”). The rewards earned under this offer can be viewed and redeemed during the period 3rd September 2022 -16th September

What is the offer about?

Users of the Flipkart mobile application (on supported Android devices) who participate in ‘Coupon Rain’ game in the Offer Period will stand a chance to win any one or more of the below rewards upon successful completion of each level of the game. The rewards listed below (“Rewards”) will be allocated randomly upon successful attainment of the corresponding score/level within the game. The game is available only on the Flipkart Mobile application (on supported Android devices).

How do I check if a product is an Eligible Product?

The list of Eligible Products will be displayed on the My Rewards / My Coupons page. You can check the list of all offers applicable on a particular product, on the product page on the Flipkart platform. This Offer will also be listed there if that particular product is eligible for the offer.

Rewards cannot be redeemed on products purchased or booked under pre-order/pre-book deals.

How can I redeem the Rewards?

Users will be able to see rewards that they are winning at the end of each gameplay depending on the score/level they are able to achieve

Users who have won a reward can view and redeem the

Rewards through the “My Rewards/My Coupons’ section

on the Flipkart mobile application (on supported Android

devices) during the Redemption Period. These periods are

subject to change without prior notice.

The Rewards will also be automatically applied to the Eligible Products if it is the best offer available to the user during the ‘Redemption Period’

Rewards can be redeemed only on one (1) order per user during the Offer Period.

How can I earn extra lives?

You, a registered user of the Flipkart Platform operating a valid user account on the Flipkart Platform may earn one additional chance to play for each of your friends, who has not played the game in the offer period so far and uses the unique link to play the game. Please follow the below steps to participate and earn rewards under this Offer:

Invite your friend via your personalized link in the game.

Your friend must not have played the game in the offer period.

Your friend must start the game using the link shared by you by either signing up on the Flipkart mobile app (OR) if your friend has an account on the Flipkart app but is not logged in, your friend must log in to the Flipkart app.

Your friend plays the game.

You receive one additional chance to play the game for every friend who successfully completes the steps above.

The offer is only valid if your friend is a new and first-time player of the game in the offer period and the terms and conditions of this Offer are satisfied.

Your extra chance is only valid for the day it has been earned and will lapse at midnight.

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