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Garena Free Fire Banned in India: Here is Alternative

Recently we have seen an announcement to ban more than 53 apps from China in the wake of adding security reasons. As the app is banned in India, it is obvious to see the users now looking for alternatives to this game app and one of these includes Free Fire India wherein you can find the option of playing as well. The ban came on the 12th of Feb and the popular Battle Royale game seemed to have been banned by the Indian government. It has asked Google to remove it from the Play Store and Apple to get rid of the App Store as well. This soon led to speculation that the game has now been banned in the country. At the same time, we have around 54 Chinese apps now banned this V Day.

With this, smartphone users and gamers in India are going to lose the opportunity of playing this game for free. It seems very much disturbing to see how the gamers will lose the chance to play the said game. However, the good news is that the mobile gamers in the country will get some alternatives to the same. The disturbance caused due to the games app ban can help in helping the security issue. One can find too many popular applications that can help in adding a lot. It can include too many beauty applications that can help in enjoying the beauty apps and many more gaming and music apps.

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Reasons why free fire was banned in the country? 

Although there are no such official statements from the government about banning it or adding the game developer regarding the free fire game that seemed to have been coming up with the country. However, there are several reports that claim that these apps are banned due to security reasons. Soon the IT minister will issue an official statement in this regard. Earlier, Naresh Kumar, the ADJ, seemed to be writing about the same to PM Modi asking for a ban on the said game. In his letter, the ADJ has asked the Modi government that the game apps like Garena Free Fire battle royale should face the ban as it is having a negative impact on youth and kids. He also suggested how the children are having a negative impact on young people. He went on to say that the kids were simply wasting their time as they are playing the games for hours.

Earlier in August, a kid from MP was seen losing 40K INR while playing a free fire game. Once the incident came to light, the government was quick to demand a ban on the said game. Even an FIR was registered against the game developer in the district of Chhatarpur. Also, there were other incidents too were reported about the addiction of the game among the teens and people who have been making news. For all these reasons, one can find that the Free Fire Game was banned in the country.

Alternative for the app – Garena Free Fire in India after the ban

Once the game app was banned and it disappeared from Google Play Store and even from App Store, the gamers had all the reason to feel dismay. However, there is a chance of winning big with the game and it comes up with the idea of downloading it from Google Play Store once the ban was announced. At the same time, we have seen many more people are now feeling free to download the same over their smartphones and tabs and thus allow you to play without any hassle or issue. Similarly, in 2020, around 270 apps were banned and PUBG mobile was banned in 2022. The game was a retreat in the country under the same name. Soon it came in the market with a different name like Not Tencent but Krafton. Soon we saw BGMI Lite to be among the most awaited games for the low-end smartphone users in the market.

Reasons why Free Fire is banned and not Free Fire Max ?

We can see Free Fire Max Game is now working fine at the Google Play Store and it has many more players who have the choice of downloading it and playing the same. The big question that comes in our mind is that it comes for free and it is not banned as both the game developers are not from China. Secondly, we see Garena Free Fire Max has now come up with an upgrade to Free Fire. And one may not find any big difference between the two in terms of interface and season. However, one of the biggest differences one can find here is only in the graphics settings. However, the popularity of free fire max is not that massive. The free fire seemed to have downloaded more around 100 Crore times from the play store alone, while the free fire max is yet to be downloaded with a little around 10 crore times.

You can easily switch to Free Fire Max from the Free Fire

All the players who have been playing the standard version of Free Fire have the chance to easily switch to the Free Fire MAX. For example, you can find free fire players that can further transfer their stats to any Free Fire MAX with the help of a standard version gaming ID using Firelink. At the very same time, we can see the launch of Free Fire MAX, as the game developer is now getting the option to transfer the stats. At such junctures, you can see the free-fire players now getting the chance to play its Max version at the moment.

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