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Here is the new website new name

Users of Zoro have recently encountered a number of redirects to other websites, including,,, and Furthermore, a complete reset or purge has been performed on Telegram and the Discord Server Channel. There is some positive news to report, though. The website has undergone a revamp and is currently known as

Here is the new website new name to watch your favourite shows visitors from all around the world had trouble accessing the website during the event on Monday, June 3, at about 6 PM BST. However, the portal was back online by Tuesday, June 4, at 8 AM BST.

And that’s not all—the platform undergoes a lot of modifications as a result of the switch from to First of all, the name has changed to represent a new beginning and a renewed emphasis on anime streaming. Second, a new staff has taken over the website’s management and operations, putting their experience and enthusiasm for anime front and centre.

An update on the website’s condition was given by one of the moderators, “Kunaru,” who acknowledged the backend problems that lead to errors, timeouts, or even a complete inability to access the site. Users were given the assurance that these issues will be handled and fixed right away.

An exciting new chapter for the platform and its users has begun with the change from to The website is currently operational under its new name,, despite brief hiccups and modifications throughout the transfer. The updated platform, which seeks to deliver an amazing streaming experience with its extensive anime library, user-friendly interface, and community participation elements, will allow users to enjoy their favourite anime series and movies.

So, if you were unsure whether was up or working again, you can rest easy knowing that it is now and is prepared to meet the demands of anime fans everywhere. So get your popcorn, settle in, and get ready to explore for an exciting anime adventure!

by Team Tophunt

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