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How to Fix instagram typing indicator Not Working or Showing up

Some social media users are complaining about typing not showing on Instagram. you are also facing the “Instagram typing indicator Not Showing” issue and searching for a comprehensive guide on “How to turn on typing indicator on Instagram” Read this post carefully.

You’re not alone if you’ve noticed that the Instagram typing indication isn’t working or showing up while you or others are typing. This can be irritating because the typing indicator is a helpful function that tells you when someone is typing a message or comment. Whether you’re using Instagram on a mobile device or a computer browser, the absence of a typing indication could make it difficult to determine whether someone is actively participating in the conversation.

What is the Instagram typing indicator?

When someone is actively typing a message or comment in a conversation, the Instagram typing indication shows as a visual signal or signal. It is made up of three moving dots that indicate continued typing action. This feature is meant to provide users with real-time feedback, notifying them when someone is preparing a response, so improving the engagement aspect of Instagram conversations.

Why Instagram typing is Not Working or Showing?

There might be various reasons why the typing indication on Instagram is not working. Here are some possible reasons:

Latest App Version Glitch: The Instagram-type indication issue that you’re experiencing may be the result of an issue or bug created by the most recent app version. Even though updates are meant to improve the app’s functioning, new versions might occasionally cause unexpected bugs or conflicts.

Outdated Insta App: Using an older version of the Instagram app may cause compatibility difficulties and prevent the typing indication from functioning correctly. Updating to the most recent version may assist in resolving this issue.

Technical Issues: Instagram’s servers or the app itself may experience technical issues that impact the typing indicator’s operation. These problems are usually transient and can be fixed by Instagram’s development team in future upgrades.

Poor Internet Connectivity: Poor or unstable internet connectivity could cause problems with the correct operation of many Instagram functions, including the typing indication. To guarantee that the indicator functions properly, make sure you have a reliable internet connection.

Device Compatibility: Some older devices or browser versions may be incompatible with the Instagram app, causing functions such as the typing indication to fail. Checking for device and browser updates may assist in resolving this issue.

Account-specific Issues: From time to time, certain accounts may experience problems with the typing indication owing to a variety of variables such as account settings or momentary difficulties. Troubleshooting procedures such as logging out and back in, or deleting cache and data, may assist in resolving the issue.

Feature Disabled: Instagram may temporarily deactivate some features for maintenance or testing purposes. The typing indication is likely switched off on purpose during certain times.

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How to turn on typing indicator on Instagram

By following these steps, you can easily enable or disable the typing indicator feature on Instagram, allowing you to see when others are typing in conversations. To turn on the typing indicator on Instagram, follow these steps:

1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android Device.

2. Tap on your round shape profile icon which is available in the right side corner at the bottom.


3. Now tap on three horizontal lines


4. Now, tap on the Settings and Privacy option.

5. Scroll down and select Messages and story reply.

6. Then tap on “Show activity status“.

7. If you want to turn on or off typing indicator toggle the button by tapping on it.

You can easily enable or disable the typing indication function on Instagram by following these easy instructions. This feature allows you to see when people are typing in discussions, which improves your real-time engagement experience on the platform. If still you are not able to use typing indicator in the Instagram app them read our fixing step-by-step guide.

How to Fix Instagram Typing Indicator Not Working or Showing

We will look into the various causes of this problem and give you troubleshooting procedures to help you in fixing it. We’ll go through both Android and iOS platforms, ensuring that you have a thorough grasp of how to deal with this issue regardless of the device you’re using.

So, if you’re ready to figure out why your Instagram typing isn’t showing up and how to repair it, let’s get started!

Fix 1: Download Instagram Lite Version (For Android)

Instagram Lite is a good option for Android users who want a lighter version of the app that consumes less storage space and data. Here’s how to download and install Instagram Lite on your Android device, step by step:

  1. Open Play Store and search Instagram Lite word
  2. Tap on 1st search result
  3. Now, tap on the install button & wait to download and install
  4. Open the app and log in with your credentials.
  5. Open your DM (direct messages) then check that the “Typing” indicator now shows up.

Fix 2: Uninstall the latest Instagram and install an older version (For Android)

Uninstalling the most recent version of Instagram and installing an older version may at times help with typing indicator issues. Here’s a step-by-step tutorial to help you get started:

  1. Open the Apps drawer.
  2. tap on the Instagram app & hold.
  3. wait to prompt the menu & tap on uninstall.
  4. Now Open Internet Brwoser &  visit
  5. select & download an Older version.
  6. Install it and log in.
  7. Open your DM (direct messages) then check that the “Typing” indicator now shows up.

Fix 3: Clear Cache and Data (Android & iOS)

Clearing the Instagram app’s cache and data may help in solving many problems and improving its performance. Here’s how to clean Instagram cache and data on both iOS and Android devices:

Clear Cache and Data on Android:

  1. Open Setting Menu then navigate the Apps section.
  2. Scroll down under the apps menu and tap on the Instagram app.
  3. After opening Instagram background settings.
  4. Tap on the Force Stop option.
  5. Now Open the storage menu and tap on the Clear data option

Clear Cache and Data on iOS (iPhone/iPad):

Clearing Cache & data in the ios based device is quite hard because they did not provide the direct clear data opinion like Android but there is an alternative to clear app data.

  1. Open the App drawer.
  2. Open the settings menu and then the General menu.
  3. Scroll down and tap on iPhone/iPad storage
  4. Wait to load and then scroll down to find the Instagram app
  5. Once you got a tap on it.
  6. there is an Offload button available at the bottom tap on it.
  7. Install Instagram again & login
  8. Open your DM (direct messages) then check that the “Typing” indicator now shows up.

If you are bit confuse please watch this video:

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