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How to fix the biggie bag code not working?

biggie bag code not working? Here is step by step fixing guide to enjoying your meal with a $30 huge discount.

Many users are facing issues in the doordash app to receive up to $30 after applying the BIGGIE promo code. when they apply the code error popups with the error code Something went wrong, unfortunately, the promotion is not currently available. if you also facing this type of issue then don’t worry, you are not alone, many users are facing this issue due to the high amount of orders. here are we shared some troubleshooting guides to get a $30 promotion.

What is DoorDash Wendy’s Biggie Bag Offer?

Wendy’s Biggie Bag is a combo meal offered by Wendy’s that includes a variety of menu items at a discounted price. The exact contents of the Biggie Bag may vary by location and time, but typically it includes a burger, chicken sandwich, or other main item, along with a small order of french fries, a small drink, and a 4-piece order of chicken nuggets. The Biggie Bag is designed to be a convenient and affordable way to enjoy a full meal at Wendy’s.

Popular food chain Wendy’s and doorstep delivery app DoorDash are joined hands together to serve huge discounts for users. on the end of march with Biggie Power Hours. BIGGIE deal coupon code released. if customers order a Biggie Bag via DoorDash App using the promo code BIGGIE and spend at least $12, they’ll receive up to $30 o their entire order. this offer is valid for 2 days & only 1 hour. from 6:00 – 7:00 PM EDT (3:00 – 4:00 PM PDT/5:00 – 6:00 PM CDT) on both Thursday, March 30, and Friday, March 31.

How to fix the biggie bag code not working?

If biggie is not working for you, try some of these steps to get it working or understand what is wrong with the app feature.

Close and Reopen the App

If the Doordash app getting hanging or freezes during applying the biggie bag promo code then you should try to force close the app using settings and then try to start the doordash app.

Update Your App

You force closed the DooDash app but if the problem persists then go to the app store or android app store then check the latest app version if there is new ver available to download please update with the latest one.

Server Down

After the biggie promo code was live the offer goes viral on the internet & millions of people are waiting for the offer. huge traffic on the DoorDash app & website is the main reason that the biggie bag promo code not working and users are getting errors. close the app or website & wait for 10 to 15 minutes then restart the app and apply the code & check works or not. if not work tries the next steps given below.

Check your Internet Connection

Sometimes we ignore whether our internet is on or not. You can see the status of your internet, if the internet is not working, turn off the mobile data once and turn it on again. If you are using wifi then restart your router.

Check you TimeZone

maybe your timezone is different so either the offer hours have not started or the offer is over so check your local time & try again.

Call the Restaurant

Sometimes door dash restaurants decided to stop the offer earlier because of limited stock. to ensure the offer is still available or not call the Restaurant.

Contact DoorDash Customer Service

In other cases, you may have issues applying promo codes due to app glitches so contact DoorDash customer care for help. if the phone number not connecting due to a high crowd go to Twitter & write your issue by tagging the officials.

The DoorDash Biggie bag offer ended

Maybe the offer hour over and Wendy’s Biggie Bag $30 offer ended so you are getting the biggie promo code not working issue.

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