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In the 2023 IPL, which batter won the Orange Cap? – Amazon Quiz

In the 2023 IPL, which batter won the Orange Cap? Amazon Quiz Answers

Explaination – In the 2023 IPL, batter Shubhman Gill won the Orange Cap.

The youthful and gifted batter Shubman Gill displayed his extraordinary abilities and won the coveted Orange Cap in the enthralling 2023 Indian Premier League (IPL). Throughout the tournament, Gill shown his ability to dominate opposing bowlers and score significant runs for his team by using perfect technique and outstanding consistency. He was a powerful force on the pitch thanks to his deft strokeplay and unwavering resolve, earning him the rightful title of greatest run-scorer in the IPL season. With his outstanding performance, Gill not only solidified his status as one of Indian cricket’s most promising young players, but also won the respect of both the public and his fellow players.

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Q1- In the 2023 IPL, which batter won the Orange Cap?

Answer 1 (C) – Shubhman Gill

Q2- The movie ‘Bholaa’ stars which actor in the lead role?

Answer 2 (C) – Ajay Devgn

Q3- The flag of which of these countries is not rectangular in shape?

Answer 3 (D) – Nepal

Q4- This is the flag of which small country?

Answer 4 (A) – Monaco

Q5- This bird is considered auspicious during which Indian festival?

Answer 5 (C) – Dussehra

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