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KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today: Play Along Daily 24×7 Quiz Answers 23 November 2021

Searching for Kaun Banega Crorepati’s KBC Offline Quiz Answers? the contest is also called KBC 24 7 Quiz Play-Along Regular. we added 23rd November 2021 Offline Quiz Answers below in the QnA section, just scroll & read the answers to play. along with the quiz, you can also play KBC PharmEasy Ghar Baithe Jeeto Jackpot.

Think of the biggest Quiz shows and you can find KBC to be at the top. Kan Banega Crorepati, popularly known as KBC is back in the news and this time for its new season which is expected to start soon. However, in order to create the buzz around the show, the makers embark with their KBC Offline Quiz shows, which can lend you money with it. It is termed as KBC Play Along 24 7 Quiz. It has already started from today sharp at 10.00 am and it will remain till the end of the month-end.

We know that KBC Offline Quiz has remained popular among people and we all have been watching the show for many years. The megastar Amitabh Bachchan has been its host for a long and we also know that one season was dealt with by Shah Rukh Khan but he was soon replaced by Amitabh Bachchan in the upcoming season. The show has come a long way reaching the 13th season. The fact of the matter is, the new season has already begun and the KBC Offline Quiz vouches for the same.

How to Play KBC Offline Quiz Today:

  1. Open or Download Sony Liv App from Android Play Store or iOS App Store.
  2. Sign up & create an account or Sign in with your mobile number.
  3. On the Home page scroll down & find the Play along section & tap on it.
  4. now, you will see two options 1st is play along gold & 2nd is Play along regular tap on 2nd play along regular option.
  5. Then you will see the 24*7 Quiz option below, just tap on it.
  6. That’s it.

KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today: Play-Along Daily 24 7 Quiz Answers 23rd November 2021

Updating Time: 10.01 AM (Note- If you do Not See the answers: Get Answers)

  1. Answer: 1948
  2. Answer: India
  3. Answer: Hair or Fur
  4. Answer: Maricha
  5. Answer: 1950
  6. Answer: Airavata
  7. Answer: Uttarakhand
  8. Answer: Gateway of India
  9. Answer: Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd.
  10. Answer: Gold

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Q1: In which year did All India Football Federation get FIFA affiliation?

Answer: 1948

Q2: Which is the first BRICS country to join High Ambition Coalition for Nature and People?

Answer: India

Q3: What are mammals covered with?

Answer: Hair or Fur

Q4: Who assumed the form of a golden deer to help Ravana in kidnapping Goddess Sita?

Answer: Maricha

Q5: M.K. Vellodi was appointed as the Chief Minister for the state of Hyderabad in which year?

Answer: 1950

Q6: What is the name of Indradev’s elephant?

Answer: Airavata

Q7: The mountain peak Kedarkantha is situated in which state?

Answer: Uttarakhand

Q8: Which of these monuments will you find in Mumbai?

Answer: Gateway of India

Q9: ‘INS Karanj’ is third in the series of six Scorpene-class diesel- electric submarine, being built by which company?

Answer: Mazagon Dock Shipbuilders Ltd.

Q10: Which of the following movies became the first Bollywood film ever to release in Saudi Arabia?

Answer: Gold

KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today: Play-Along Daily 24 7 Quiz Answers 22 November 2021

Q1: Brine pools in the ocean have an unusually high level of what?

Answer: Salt

Q2: A Janapadin was the ____ of Janapada

Answer: Ruler

Q3: Which one of the following is a hereditary disease?

Answer: Haemophilla

Q4: Who among the following were a community of skilled wood cutters and shifting cultivators?

Answer: Kalangs

Q5: Which of the following author has written the book ‘India of our Dreams’?

Answer: M.V. Kamath

Q6: For which Indian club did Bhaichung Bhutia play in 2002?

Answer: Mohun Bagan

Q7: ‘Living Well with Kidney Disease’ was the theme of which day in 2021?

Answer: World Kidney Day

Q8: Among the following, what is protein considered as?

Answer: Bodybuilder

Q9: In the epic Ramayana, with which weapon did Lord Rama finally kill Ravana?

Answer: Brahmastra

Q10: Which of the following actor has been honored with the ‘Godavari Gaurav’ award?

Answer: Amol Palekar

KBC Offline Quiz Answers Today: Play-Along Daily 24 7 Quiz Answers 19th November 2021

Q1: Which cell contains light-absorbing pigment in plant cells?

Answer: Chloroplasts

Q2: Where were the hymns of Rigveda composed?

Answer: Punjab

Q3: The Government of India has proposed to partner with which institution for creating a Centre of Excellence in gaming?

Answer: IIT Bombay

Q4: A group of islands closely scattered in a body of water is known as?

Answer: Archipelago

Q5: Which of the following state is famous for Cruises?

Answer: Goa

Q6: The Sangai Festival is celebrated in which of the following Indian state?

Answer: Manipur

Q7: Where was the final of IPL 2009 played?

Answer: Johannesburg

Q8: Which of the following book is written by M.O. Mathai?

Answer: Reminiscences of the Nehru Age

Q9: According to Hindu Mythology, who is the father of Kamsa?

Answer: Ugrasena

Q10: Soils host how much of the world’s biodiversity?

Answer: Quater

  • Kaun Banega Crorepati 247 Quiz Details & Timing
Quiz Title KBC Play Along 24×7 Quiz
No. of Winners 10
Contest Timing: Daily Morning 10:00 AM, Monday to Friday
Winning Prize 1,00,0000 (One Lakh)
Note: Don’t Forget to Search KBC Daily Quiz Tophunt
  • About KBC Offline 24 7 quiz
  • The quiz will have ten questions per day and you need to answer them all to get the chance of winning big. With the OTT platform at its peak, we can see an unprecedented amount of people playing this game on an offline basis. The show has already begun and all you need to do is to download the Sony Liv App on your smartphone available on both App Store and Play Store. Register on the app by putting your mobile number and then signup. Once you do that, you will be directed to the Sony Liv Homepage and then you have to check the Play-Along Section to start things. So, what are you waiting for, go for it!
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