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My Airbnb App Not Working – How to Fix Now

Airbnb is an online marketplace that connects people who are looking to rent out their homes or apartments with travelers who are in need of a place to stay. The Airbnb app allows users to search for available accommodations based on location, dates, and other filters. Users can view photos and read reviews of the accommodations before booking their stay.

Additionally, the Airbnb app offers various features such as experiences, where travelers can book unique activities and tours hosted by locals, and restaurant reservations.

So much work is done on this app and the users are also millions. This app and website which makes every work easy is not working for a few hours.

Why Airbnb App & Website Not working today?

Here are some common reasons that Arbnd not opening on your device.

Technical issues – Airbnb may be experiencing technical difficulties with their servers, app, or website. In this case, you may need to wait for Airbnb to resolve the issue. following Airbnb’s social media accounts you can check if there is a server outage or not.

Internet connection – Your internet connection may be weak or unstable, preventing you from accessing the Airbnb website or app.

Outdated app or device – If you are using an outdated version of the Airbnb app or your device’s operating system, it may not be compatible with the latest version of Airbnb.

Account issues – Your account may have been suspended or deactivated due to a violation of Airbnb’s terms of service. In this case, you may need to contact Airbnb support to resolve the issue.

Location restrictions – Airbnb may not be available in your region or country, or there may be certain restrictions or limitations on the use of Airbnb services in your area.

If you have tried the above steps and are still experiencing issues with Airbnb not working, it may be best to read step by step fixing guide given below.

How to Fix Airbnb not working on Android/iOS/Website?

If your Airbnb app doesn’t work, you have to check some common issues like – making sure that your internet connection working properly, Wifi broadband or mobile data is activated & working smoothly without disconnecting. Internet Connectivity issue is the main problem in many cases so check the connection first.

Maybe it could a server-related problem over there. when the server is overloaded It crashes. also, check the current server status & then decide what you want to do next. below we shared all fixes for the app you can read the. firstly we added the most common problems. As you keep reading below, you will get to read these in-depth problems and their solutions.

1. Internet Connectivity issue

To connect the Device to the server to fetch data, internet connectivity is the most important part. Airbnb needs stable internet connectivity to communicate with the server but your poor internet connection may stop the app to work precisely.

To check whether your internet connectivity is working or not just visit the speed test website & check the speed as well as ping. if there is no issue & with your Broadband or mobile data then scroll down but if there is a problem with your internet then reboot the wifi router if you are using broadband or check if your mobile plan is activated or not if you are using mobile data.

2. Server Down or Outage (App/Website)

If the internet connection is fine but the problem persists then Server is down or the server outage is the second main reason the app is not working currently. to check whether the server is working fine or not. for checking the server’s current status you need to visit the third-party website to fetch current server data.

Visit & submit the site in the search bar & hit enter to get the current report. if the blue chart shows high pyramids then there have server outage issue. you can observe current & recent 24-hour data in the outage chart.

If any server-related issue is not found go down below to find more possibilities.

3. Update The App

After looking into server & internet connectivity & it works fine. Now you need to go to the root of the problem.

Airbnb pushes the latest versions to fix bugs & issues, sometimes the app’s version goes outdated users face many problems & use are unable to use the app. so check the latest pushed update via the app store or not. to install the latest Airbnb app version follow these steps:

Airbnb is available for iPhone as well as Android users so we divided it to separate headings. Read below two speed different solutions according to your device.

1. iPhone iOS Users:

Open the App store and tap on your profile picture, after that scroll down & tap the Purchased tab, there is an all-app list that you installed on your device.

Now Scroll down until you find the Airbnb app. and see if there’s an update tab available for it. If there is, press on it to update the app with the latest version.

2. Android Users:

Android users open the play store & tap on the profile icon to open settings. there is a ‘Manage apps and device’ tab, tap on it to open. you can see the overview tab, under this you need to tap on see details in the updates available. check whether there is an update available or not of the Airbnb app.

4. Reinstall App

Have the above three solutions not worked for you? no? just use uninstall tab & reinstall the app to check. the app started working again or not.

1. iPhone iOS Users:

Apple users can easily uninstall the app. tap & hold on to the Airbnb app then select ‘Delete App’ now you will see another popup, there are three options Delete app, Remove from Home Screen & Cancel. select the Delete app option to completely remove app from your iPhone.

Now go to the App store then search Airbnb app & install the app. open the app, log in with your credentials & check whether the app working or not.

2. Android Users:

Tap & hold on to the Airbnb app in the app list. there will pop up one window with “Select, Add to home & Uninstall three options. select uninstall tab & then select the ok tab to remove the app completely.

5. Reboot your device

Rebooting the device can solve many problems available in the software process. to reboot your device effectively follow these steps according to your device.

1. iPhone iOS Users:

Turning off iPhone is a very simple step. just push the lock & volume buttons together. now select the slide to power off the tab to turn off the iPhone. wait for 5 minutes & then start the phone again. now open the Airbnb app & check if it working fine on not.

2. Android Users:

To turn off any android phone press & hold the turn-off button. after that power-off window, a button will prompt, select the restart button over there to reboot your device. after successfully rebooting check whether the Airbnb app is working as normal or not.

6. Update the Latest Software

Sometimes App integrity does not work with outdated smartphone software. downloading the latest firmware can solve app compatibility & unnecessary crashes, so according to your device follow the below steps to update your os.

1. iPhone iOS Users:

Go to settings >> then general settings >> software update & start to update.

2. Android Users:

Open settings >> scroll down & tap on Software update >> Now select the Download and install tab to upgrade your device.

7. Contact Customer Support

If you have tried all the above steps and are still experiencing issues with the Airbnb app, it may be best to contact Airbnb support for further assistance. You can reach them through the app or via their website. They may be able to provide more specific troubleshooting steps or help you with any account issues that may be causing the problem. Go to


why is my Airbnb app not working?

Airbnb may be experiencing technical difficulties with their servers, app, or website. In this case, you may need to wait for Airbnb to resolve the issue.

Why Airbnb app not working on iPhone/iPad?

If you are using an outdated version of the Airbnb app or your device’s operating system, it may not be compatible with the latest version of Airbnb.

Why Airbnb app not working on Android?

Your internet connection may be weak or unstable, preventing you from accessing the Airbnb website or app.

Why Airbnb website doesn’t work?

Make sure that you have a stable internet connection. Try connecting to a different Wi-Fi network or switching to cellular data to see if that resolves the issue. or there is a server outage happened.

The Airbnb app doesn’t work without wifi

If the Airbnb app doesn’t work without Wi-Fi but works fine when connected to Wi-Fi, it may be due to a weak or unstable cellular data connection.

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