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Netflix New plans: check the monthly and annual memberships, price and benefits

Netflix, which is regarded as one of the most comprehensive kinds of plans that are found all over the world. The plan starts from a low cost of 149 INR as the basic smartphone plan, while Netflix also intends to up with INR 649 for the high-end ultra HD plan. Thus the interested users who have decent and affordable plans to check when it comes to availing of streaming Netflix are concerned. This is how many users will be able to stream from their accounts at an affordable cost. The said plans are affordable and are available with different subscription plans that are meant for users all over the nation called Mobile, Basic, Premium, Standard, and so on.

Netflix New plans: check the monthly and annual memberships, price and benefits

During the Pandemic, people have taken resort to these OTT platforms in a big way which further made the streaming giant among the top trends offering some of the best entertainment options. You can easily go to the source to access the entertainment for many people. If you are looking for a subscription option for Network, the various plans, which we are going to discuss soon for India, would be recommended for the same. We see good subscription rates for getting good offers with free Netflix.

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We have now seen Netflix coming up with the new plan and interestingly the streaming giant has slashed down the membership plan in a big way which is starting on 14th December 2021. The price for Netflix seems to have come up with an effort to give the OTT brand a good chance to compete with other platforms including Amazon Prime Video and Disney Plus Hotstar to name a few. Also, this seems to come along with the help of the said platform that comes up to propel the user base in a big way.

As the price was revised by Netflix, we can see some affordable costs coming along for the audience. How about checking the same with a comparison of the one that will have the old and new ones as well.

Netflix Plans in India 

Netflix Plan

Old Price

New Price

Netflix Mobile

Rs 199

Rs 149

Netflix Basic

Rs 499

Rs 199

Netflix Standard

Rs 649

Rs 499

Netflix Premium

Rs 799

Rs 649

The streaming plans have five different plans to check and these are listed as under:

  • Netflix Rs 149 Mobile plan

  • Netflix Rs 199 Basic plan

  • Netflix Rs 299 Mobile+ Plan

  • Netflix Rs 499 Standard plan

  • Netflix Rs 649 Premium Plan

Now, let us explore these plans in detail: 

Netflix Rs 149 Mobile plan – This is counted among the basic  Netflix plan, which was earlier charged as  Rs 199 per month. Although the plan promises much more unrestricted access to the audience, on a whole, the streaming giant has a few limitations as well in place. For any novice, these remain to check the content over the smartphones that helps you catch the same on your smartphones that including mobiles and tablets. Also, one can find too many users helps in streaming the content using the SD resolution that allows only one screen at the moment. The users have around 1788 INR per year.

Netflix Rs 299 Mobile Plus Plan 

The Netflix INR 299 Mobile Plus Plan is known to test Netflix India and is available only on a few basic plans. This, however, is only for a few selected users only. One can find the price to be around 299 INR all across the country. This plan is for a few chosen users, while it is priced in a decent fashion. On the contrary, we can see people benefitting a lot from this. Interestingly, this plan unveils both the SD and HD resolutions instead of the SD one, unlike what can be present on the screen.

Netflix Rs 199 Basic plan – This remains the plan called the Netflix Basic plan which has been priced at the cost of 199 per month.  For a premium cost, you need to just add INR 50 that can help you to enjoy the content not just on your computer but even on your small screen of TV as well. However, one can even find some conditions applied to the same for the mobile plan that can carry the SD resolution along with a single screen that further helps you to enjoy things at a time. If you are keen on enjoying the purchase of Netflix for an annual subscription, you need to pay around INR 2388.

Netflix Rs 499 Standard plan – This remains a standard plan that comes to around INR 499 per month allowing you to get as many screens you want for getting you the concurrent viewing. At the same time, you can even enjoy all your programs in HD quality with this Netflix Standard plan. Lastly, the users have the choice to stream anywhere they want including their phones, laptops, TVs, and other places as well. For this, the Netflix yearly subscription for this plan would cost you 5,988.

Netflix Rs 649 Premium plan – This is among the popular premium plans from Netflix that comes at the cost of INR 649 per month, while the yearly cost is INR 7,788. Here the users get the chance to stream on devices like TVs, laptops, desktops, and tablets using this plan. At the same time, you can add four-screen support at one time. This simply means that the users have a choice of running the same on the same id concurrently. Lastly, you may find that the INR 799 Netflix subscription cost in India has helped to enjoy streaming in 4K resolution.

The Netflix Subscription Price in India and their features or benefits

You can have a look at the benefits in the following plans by Netflix for your easy understanding, have a look:

Netflix Plan

Price (monthly)

Number of screens

Supported resolution

Type of device


Rs 149



Mobiles, tablets


Rs 199



Mobiles, tablets, laptops, TVs


Rs 299



Mobiles, tablets


Rs 499



Mobiles, tablets, laptops, TVs


Rs 649


4K + HDR

Mobiles, tablets, laptops, TVs

How to buy a Netflix Subscription?

When it comes to buying any package for Netflix, the process is simple and easy. You are required to register at Netflix and then check the payment choice to consider the same. Also, you can have the choice of doing the same via the app as well using any of your devices like your phone or laptop. The following are the steps of doing the same:

  • Check the web browser on your phone and then consider visiting the signup page.

  • Now enter your email address and put your password

  • Choose your plan that you intend to subscribe

  • Establish your payment choice

With these steps, you complete your subscription.  Now, you can enjoy streaming content using the email address and password over the Netflix device of Netflix.

How to cancel a Netflix subscription?

Like the signing up option, canceling also can come at the same pace and it is offered in a simple way.  The following are the simple steps of doing the same:

  • Visit the Netflix sign-in page on your web browser

  • Now, you can use your Netflix credentials to sign in

  • In this step, you need to click on the relevant user profile

  • Now, all you need to do is to click on your name seen over the top-right corner and then choose the right account

  • Here you get the chance to see the option that says ‘Cancel Membership’ that is found under Membership & Billing. All you need to do is to tap on it to unsubscribe

Netflix Originals in India 

The streaming giant is known to have two different catalogs for both TV shows and films and one of these includes Netflix Originals. It has both the movies and series that are commissioned and produced by this OTT giant company. To put in simple words, these remain the movies and shows that are exclusively done to allow you to enjoy one of the draws.

The list for the same is long when it comes to India and some of the shows include Sacred Games, Ghoul, Delhi Crime, Selection Day, Leila, Bard of Blood, Typewriter, Jamtara, and Taj Mahal 1989. This is not all, the others include She, Betaal, Hasmukh, Masaba Masaba, Bhaag Beanie Bhaag, Bombay Begums,and Mismatched to name a few.

On the other side the movies include Ludo, AK vs AK, The Girl on the Train, Gunjan Saxena: The Kargil Girl, Ajeeb Daastaans, Pagglait, to name a few.

The Netflix plans in India based  FAQs

What is the cost of a Netflix subscription in India on a monthly basis?

Netflix has a wide array of plans for both individuals and groups as per different requirements. This can range from INR 199 to INR  799 a month.

Which Netflix plan is best?

Although all the plans from the OTT giant remain the best, yet it depends upon your choice to answer the right question. If you love to watch it individually then choosing the basic plan would suffice and remain the best. However, for your family, choosing the other big plan would prove the best. In case you want high-quality HD quality, you have to choose high-resolution content-based shows that would prove the best for you. People can even enjoy the Netflix Standard and Premium plans at HD quality available on different devices that they can catch with family and friends.

Is there a Netflix free trial option in India?

Although it remains a convenient choice for the users to go with the service while going ahead with the subscription. Netflix has now slashed down this option, which they have the option. Now, to test you can always consider the one-month basic plan of 149 INR and then decide whether you want to go ahead after one month or cancel the same.

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