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Paradise 123 Game Password – Face Game Website & Mystery

Something new and fresh tasks and hashtags are always going viral on TikTok. Sometimes dance steps go viral and sometimes magic and sleight of hand, this time a  face game is trending and it is also a craze in India. The viral horror game is trending on Tiktok but due to the Tiktok ban in India, it has come to light that Indians are not getting the website.

These days Paradise 123 face game is getting viral in India but many users are not getting the paradise 123 website, let’s discuss today about the paradise 123 game.

What is Paradise 123 Game?

Actually, is not any kind of website available on the internet but a similar type of horror site available which is ” ” the site is totally made for entertainment purposes only. the second thing is game, the Mystery Paradise is an online entertainment game for all users. in the game, you have to Move marbles and match 3 to remove colored backgrounds. Marbles can get 3 or more in a row horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

About Paradise123 Mini Game Face Website

A truly door game horror website which, upon entering, instructs you to “enter Paradise”. Once you click on the button it takes you to an image of two doors. Both doors lead you to the “Paradise is not for you” page. However, if you go to a page with two doors and scroll down, you will see an image of a man peering through another door.

as we discuss the Paradise 123 Mini game of game face is not available anywhere so it is just a TikTok trend that is followed by foreign users if you want to make that type of trend on social media you can use Instagram reels to make a new trend in India, you can also use youtube shorts to make a trend Paradise 123 game trend.

Just make a paranormal activity happened video with to show your users. if they like they will also make such types of videos to make new trends. But you are sure to follow next step to see scary white face on the site to make video? Scroll down.

Alternative for Paradise123 Game

As we discussed not any site to play scary games or horror door mini game but you can visit to play horror game. If yo want another games you can also visit 4 pics 1 word puzzle solutions to play puzzle. Password

Are you ready to see scary white face on the Just follow these steps

Step 1 – open or & then you will see two doors, first is red & second is yellow.

Step 2 – Dont tap on any door because you will not able see the scary face. This is not a real password.

Step 3 – Scroll down the page till end, now you can see the image given below.

Credit – 1092paradise

Step 4 – Tap on the man that is a real password to watch scary face. One you tap on it you will see the face.

Wrapping up – Door Password is real? or fake

Paradise 123 is not any website or application but It has also gone viral. The website is not opening so Paradise123 is fake not real. But is real.

by Team Tophunt

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  1. There is a door at the bottom of the 1st page and it takes you to a 2nd page were “creepy” is played and you can click on the white face you see and there is a pass word that is required. not really sure what the password is.

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