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Pokemon GO Routes not working: How to Fix Right Now

Pokemon GO Routes is a new feature in the game that allows players to create and follow pre-planned walking routes. Routes can be created by walking between PokeStops or Gyms, and they can be shared with other players but these days users are complaining that the Pokemon Go Routes Not Working & Pokemon Go Routes Not Showing Up. Today’s article will help you to solve the Pokemon Go Routes Not available nearby issue with step by step guide.

Why Pokemon GO Routes Not working right now

Pokemon GO Routes is a new gaming feature that allows users to organize and walk pre-planned routes. Some gamers, however, have claimed that Routes are not functioning for them. There are several probable explanations for this, including:

Server-side issues – The Pokemon GO servers are regularly updated and maintained, and these upgrades might occasionally create issues with particular functions. If you are having problems using Routes, it is conceivable that a server-side issue is causing the problem.

Corrupted cache or data – The Pokemon GO software keeps certain data locally on your smartphone, and if this data becomes damaged, the app may malfunction. If you’re having trouble with Routes, try cleaning the Pokemon GO app’s cache and data.

Device not compatible – Since Routes is a fairly recent addition, it’s conceivable that your device won’t work with it. If you’re having trouble with Routes, test if your device is supported on the Pokemon GO website.

The Route is Not Yet Approved – The route may not be operational yet because it is still awaiting approval. When you create a route and submit it for review, it takes time for it to be approved before other players can access and use it. Once the route is approved, it will become visible to everyone.

The Route is Not Available in Your Region – Routes may not be accessible in all regions. If you attempt to follow a route that is not available in your specific region, it will not be visible to you. The availability of routes varies depending on the location, so some routes may only be accessible in certain areas while not in others.

Route is Too Long – In Pokémon GO, routes have a maximum length of 20 kilometers. If you try to follow a route that exceeds this distance, it will not appear or be visible in the game. Be mindful of the 20-kilometer limit when creating or searching for routes to ensure they work as intended.

How to Fix Pokemon GO Routes Not Working

If you find that Pokémon GO routes are not working, it could be due to problems with your phone’s GPS signal or the game’s servers. Make sure your phone’s location services are on and try playing in an area with good GPS coverage. Additionally, check for app updates and be patient if there are server issues.

Check Your Internet Connection

In order for Pokémon GO to work properly, you must have an active internet connection, whether it is Wi-Fi or mobile data.

  1. Open Browser & visit
  2. Once open tap on go.
  3. Check the current internet speed & latency.

Restart the Pokémon Go App

The app occasionally may experience momentary bugs that are easily fixed by just restarting it. To see if the routes resume working, completely quit the program and then reopen it.

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Clear Pokémon Go App Cache and Cookies

Any damaged data that might be affecting the routes can be removed by clearing the app’s cache and cookies. This option is typically located in the settings section of your phone under “Apps” or “Application Manager.”

iPhone Users:

1. Open the Setting tab on your iPhone then tap on General.

2. Tap on iPhone Storage.

3. Scroll Down & Find the Pokémon Go App & Tap on it.

4. Now Select the Offload App Option.

Android Users:

1. Open the Settings tab of the apps.

2. Now Scroll Down & find the Pokémon Go App  & Tap on it.

3. Scroll down & tap on the Storage tab.

4. Now select the Clear Data & Clear cache option to remove.

Change Your Location Settings

Make sure that Pokémon GO is installed on your phone and that location services are turned on. By giving the app permission to access your device’s location, you can accomplish this through the settings of your phone.

Other Issue

Sometimes, the issue can not be on your end but rather stem from a problem with the server. In certain circumstances, Niantic’s servers may be busy or undergoing maintenance. You can check the official Pokémon GO Twitter account or community forums for any updates on server status to see whether the server is the issue.

If you have tried all of the above and you are still experiencing issues with Routes, you can contact Niantic Support for help.

Here are some additional tips for troubleshooting Pokemon GO Routes:

  • Make sure that you have a strong internet connection.
  • Restart your device.
  • Uninstall and reinstall the Pokemon GO app.
  • Update the Pokemon GO app to the latest version.

I hope this helps!

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