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Republic Day 2023: How to Get Tickets Online?

Republic Day 2023: How to Get Tickets Online?

We know Republic Day to be a national holiday in India celebrated annually on January 26 to mark the adoption of the Constitution of India. It is a day of national pride and celebration, with parades and other cultural events taking place throughout the country. The main Republic Day celebration takes place in the capital city of New Delhi, where a grand parade is held featuring floats and performances representing the cultural and social diversity of India. The parade culminates with a display of military might, with troops marching and military equipment being displayed. The President of India also gives a speech and presents awards to individuals who have made significant contributions to the nation. Getting tickets to attend the function seems to be the biggest dream of people. Now, we can check more details about the same as under: 

Where can you find the ticket for Republic Day 2023?

Aamantran is a portal that is managed by the Ministry of Defense (MOD) in India. It is an invitation management portal that is used to manage and track invitations for official events and functions organized by the MOD. It allows users to request invitations, view and accept/decline invitations, and manage their personal profiles. The portal is only accessible to authorized users and requires a login to access. The portal makes booking online tickets easy and user friendly. It is also eco-friendly to have them in place, while it helps in getting rid of the division among the general public and government. The details of the process is given below about booking an online ticket:

Check the online portal, it gives various features like getting the ticket through QR Code, while the authentication seemed better for enhanced security. 

  • Digital delivery comes with passes, tickets and other forms transferred through SMS or email
  • These tickets however, remain non-transferrable and non-cancellable
  • You have RSVP passes only to accept the invitees
  • You can enjoy post event data analytics for effective management for many more events 

Besides getting the digital invitation with the website, you can find counters and booths for buying different tickets for the following locations coming through MoD as under, have a look:

  • Sena Bhawan – the Gate No 2
  • Shastri Bhawan – the Gate No 3
  • Jantar Mantar – Near Main Gate
  • Pragati Maidan – in the Gate No 1

Parliament House the Reception Office which comes over the Special counter for MPs and it Will Open on 18.01.2023. The other details or timings can be found on the website, which will start morning 10 to 12.30 and then in the afternoon 2 to 4.30 in the afternoon, check for more details here. 

Wrapping up 

In addition to the parade, there are also cultural programs, sports events, and other activities held to celebrate Republic Day. Many schools and organizations also hold their own celebrations, with students and members participating in patriotic activities and performances. Overall, Republic Day is a time for all Indians to come together and celebrate the values and ideals of their nation, as well as the progress and achievements made over the years. It is a day of national pride and unity, and an opportunity for all Indians to reaffirm their commitment to building a better and more prosperous country. So, why not enjoy the Republic parade, getting the tickets here! 

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