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What does the acronym XB in WF-XB700 stand for?

What does the acronym XB in WF-XB700 stand for?

Answer 1: Extra Bass

Q2: The maximum battery life of WF-XB700 with carrying case is ______ hours.

Answer 2: 18

Q3: 10 minutes of quick charge offers 60 min of playback time on WF-XB700.

Answer 3: True

Q4: What does IPX4 Ratings in WF-XB700 stands for

Answer 4: Both 1 and  2

Q5: Which of the following features are supported by voice assistant in WF-XB700?

Answer 5: All of the Above 

Q5. What are the available colours of WF-XB700?

Answer 5:  Both 1 and 2

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