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What is the fastest land animal? – Amazon Quiz

What is the fastest land animal? Amazon Quiz Answers

Explaination – Cheetah is the fastest running animal in the world on land.  They are capable of reaching speeds of up to 120 km/h.  It is about 30 inches tall at the shoulder and weighs 50 to 65 kg.

Q1: What is the fastest land animal?

Answer 1 (A) – Cheetah

Q2: February gets its name from the word ‘februa’, from which language was it derived from?

Answer 2 (C) – Latin

Q3: The theme for World Wildlife Day 2022 was ‘Recovering key species for _________ restoration’ . (Fill in the blank)

Answer 3 (B) – Ecosystem

Q4: Who successfully built and flew the world’s first Aeroplane?

Answer 4 (D) – The Wright Brothers

Q5: Where are the Giza Pyramids located in?

Answer 5 (B) – Egypt

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