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Which of these options are available under funzone?

Which of these options are available under funzone? Amazon Quiz Answers

Q1: Which of these options are available under funzone?

Answer 1: (D) All of these

Q2: Nethra Kumanan recently became the first Indian woman to ever qualify for the Olympics in which sport?

Answer 2: (D) Sailing

Q3: Which of these actors recently confirmed that he would be part of the cast of Marvel’s Eternals?

Answer 3: (B) Harish Patel

Q4: Which is the first South Korean nuclear power plant built outside South Korea?

Answer 4: (D) Barakah Nuclear Power Plant

Q5: Which of these is generally poured into this object, before lighting?

Answer 5: (C) Oil

Q6: Name the famous editor-in-chief of this magazine, who was the inspiration for Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada.

Answer 6: (A) Anna Wintour

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