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Amazon Alexa Built in Smartphones Quiz Answers Win 10000

Amazon Alexa Built-in Smartphones Quiz Answers are live under the amazon funzone section any Indian user can play the game to participate in the lucky draw to get a chance to win Rs.10,000 as amazon pay directly in your amazon pay account. if you win after submitting Alexa Built in Smartphones Amazon Quiz Answers the company will contact you with you from the official email id.

Alexa Built-in Smartphones Quiz contest started on 31st March 2022 at 12 am & it will end on 30th April 2022 at 12 am, during this 30 days period you can play the contest anywhere & any time. There are only 6 questions to solve usually contest has 5 questions but this game is special & there are 6 questions to answer. you need to submit all answers correctly then you are eligible to participate in a lucky draw after the draw winners will get a prize before 30th May 2022.

About the Alexa Built-in Smartphones:

Amazon’s developed an AI-based virtual assistant to make people’s life easy. A few years ago Alexa used to run only on Amazon devices but now it is working on smartphones too. To share the same thing with the users, Amazon has organized this contest.

Amazon Alexa Built in Smartphones Quiz Answers Win 10000 7 April 2022

Q1- Which of the following phones have Alexa built-in?

Answer – All of the above

Q2 – In which language(s) can you interact with Alexa?

Answer – English & Hindi

Q3 – How much would it cost for you to use Alexa on Alexa built-in smartphone?

Answer – Nothing, its absolutely free.

Q4 – What can Alexa help you with?

Answer – All of the above

Q5 – Alexa built-in phones give you Hands-free access to Alexa. What do you think is Alexa Hands-free?

Answer – Use Alexa through Voice without touching the Phone

Q6 – What is Alexa’s favorite fruit? Download the Alexa App on your phone and just Ask Alexa for this answer! (Did you know you can use Alexa through tapping on Alexa App on any smartphone.)

Answer – Grapes

How to Play Alexa Built-in Smartphones Amazon Quiz?

Playing amazon quizzes is very simple just search the ‘funzone’ word in the search box or scroll the homepage to get the contest banner. Playing Amazon Alexa Built-in Smartphones Quiz is also so simple scroll home page & then you will get a square quiz banner tap on it and tap on start then submit 6 correct answers.

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