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Amazon iffalcon Smart TV Quiz Answers – 1. When is the launch date of iFFALCON 32S53?

1. When is the launch date of iFFALCON 32S53?Amazon Quiz Answers

TCL subsidiary iFFALCON is ready to launch their new generation 32 inch smart tv. The new TV will be launched at the launch event on 7th April, 12pm.  Once the TV is launched, users can place orders on Amazon.  Users who purchase iffalcon smart TV, amazon will be given offers like no cost emi, discount and free delivery.  If you have a credit card then you will also be given extra cashback.

Amazon iFFALCON tv Quiz is started & Rs 10,000 Amazon pay balance is the winning price for 10 winners. After Amazon Itel P40 Quiz This is a second new contest in fz quiztime which is run by amazon India.

Do you know amazon India also running Daily quiz to test your knowledge daily.


  • TCL owned iffalcon Television launching new smart TV series.
  • Amazon & iffalcon conducted contest on 29th March 2023 to 7th April 2023.
  • Amazon officials will select 10 winner through Lucy draw.

Amazon iffalcon Smart TV Quiz Answers Win 10000 

Q1: 1. When is the launch date of iFFALCON 32S53?

  • A. 5th April, 12pm
  • B. 6th April, 12pm
  • C. 7th April, 12pm
  • D. 8th April, 12pm

Answer 1 – C. 7th April, 12pm

Q2: 2. Is iFFALCON 32S53 of bezel-less design?

  • A. YES
  • B. NO

Answer 2 – A. YES

Q3: 3. What kind of picture technology do you wish iFF32S53 to have?

  • A: HDR 10
  • B: Micro Dimming
  • C: Dynamic Contrast
  • D: All of above

Answer 3 – D: All of above

Q4: 4. What kind of connectivity technology does iFF32S53 have?

  • A: HDMI
  • B: WiFi
  • C: Bluetooth
  • D: All of above

Answer 4 – D: All of above

Q5: 5. How many iFFALCON services centers across the country?

  • A: 300+
  • B: 500+
  • C: 700+
  • D: 1000+

Answer 5 – D: 1000+

How to find the iffalcon Smart TV Quiz?


Step 1 – Visit Iffalcon S53 smart android TV page by clicking on the link at the bottom of the page.

Step 2 – Click on ‘Notify Me’ button given below to be eligible to win & to stay updated on the latest offer on Iffalcon S53 smart android TV.

Step 3 – Check out the product details andh ints for the quiz questions.

Step 4 – Attempt the quiz, get all the answerr ight & stand a chance to win 10,000 Apay balance.

To Playing the iffalcon tv quiz you need to visit amazon app and then tv section underthe Home appliances & electronics, scroll down to find the quiz poster or open this link to open quiz directly.

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