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(Tricks) How to Claim or Get 9X Booster in Google Pay Food Market Game Offer

Tricks to Get 9X Booster in Google Pay Food Market Offer – Mostly anticipated Google Pay’s Indi – Home game is turned to an end because the 4th round has been started from 25th November to 5th December 2022. This round 4 was named The Food Market, During the Food Market Game user will earn up to ₹350 after successfully completing the game.

Google revealed a 9x booster in this 4th indi – home food market game offer to earn more floors. we see that google unveiled only 2x booster in the last round but this time we get 9x booster, which means, however floors you collected will become Nine times more. GPay App official sending notification to Promote 9X Booster.

Now, scroll down to read ‘How to claim the 9X booster‘ or any other official methods to get the 9X booster to multiply.

Before this post, we already posted the Google Pay Food Market offer in detail, please read too. Here are the working official methods to get up to 9X booster from GPay Food Market indi home offer.

How to Get 9X Booster in Google Pay Food Market Offer?

Let’s see,  How to claim the Upto 9X booster or other real & official procedure to apply a 9X booster on the earned floors.

  1. Google Pay users are sending Booster links via SMS or Social media apps, Check your SMS inbox or app.
  2. Follow our Telegram group to find & get thousands of links for boosters.
  3. Opening friends or others’ gpay links will make the chance higher to get a 9x booster. this method is very helpful because too many users are getting 4X to 9X boosters via clicking other’s links.
  4. Users can also use some useful other ways to get booster – Credit Card Bill payment & Food AR Scan, many players are getting up to 5X boosters.
  5. You can comment on your own gpay link to share with other users & also visit someone’s links.

We Got 5X to 7X Boosters in My Gpay wall – Here is how? – 5 December 2022

Try some other working ways in google pay Food Market Offer to earn 5X, 6X, and 7X Booster to multiply floors.

  1. To get assuredly up to 9x boosters in a Gpay account, you have to open other’s shared gpay  Food Market links. if you want thousands of links then join our telegram channel to share your links & get from others.
  2. Now, open 6 – 7 unique links from our telegram chatting group then tap on the HEART tab on their building
  3. You will definitely get a 5 to 7x booster this way.
  4. our member’s screenshot proves that getting a 7x booster.

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