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Google Pay Food Market Offer (Indi-Home Game) – Gather Floors & Earn Rs.350

GPay Food Market Offer 2022 started on 25th November & the game turned into the last 4th round. actually, the Food Market game is known as Indi – Home or Diwali Mela but the festival is ended & gpay festival offer continues & started 4th round so named Google Pay Food Market Offer 2022.

What is Google Pay Food Market Offer? 

During the Google Pay Food Market Game 2022, you need to just develop the tallest building with floors in this 4th round. during the 10 days, you can build your 4 friends’ team to build the highest building to earn ₹350 Reward.

Every year Google pay brings new engagement games for users to earn cashback, rewards, & coupons, this year also brings round 3 gpay Food Market game to users for earning opportunities, in this game users need to collect 40 visits on their erection building to win up to ₹50  cashback daily.

How to Play Google Pay Food Market Offer 2022

It’s a race to build the tallest structure!

4 fun challenges from 25th November to 5th December 2022.

  • 1. Build solo or with a team of up to 4 friends
  • 2. Floors you get and build will be added to your team’s total
  • 3. Rewards based on ranking every round will be split equally among team members

Participate –

Google Pay Food Market Offer Rewards & Rules

  • Race to build the tallest structure in round 4 by Nov 25, 2022. The top 8 lakh teams get up to ₹350 team reward.
  • Build solo or in a team. You can only be in one team for every round and people with the same phone number cannot be on the same team.
  • You can earn and build floors through different qualifying actions. See “Get more floors” for qualifying actions and daily limits.
  • At the end of every round, you will earn rewards based on your team’s ranking. Team rewards will be evenly distributed among each member. Round 3 rewards:
  1. Rank 1 – 10,000, ₹350 / team
  2. Rank 10,000 – 1 lakh, ₹90 / team
  3. Rank 1 lakh – 8 lakh, ₹30 / team

Make sure you have the latest version of the Google Pay app to see all campaign features.

How To Get Upto 9X Booster In Google Pay Food Market Offer

Google revealed a 9x booster in this 4th indi – home food market game offer to earn more floors. we see that google unveiled only 2x booster in the last round but this time we get 9x booster, which means, however floors you collected will become Nine times more. GPay App official sending notification to Promote 9X Booster.

Let’s see,  How to claim the Upto 9X booster or other real & official procedure to apply a 9X booster on the earned floors.

  1. Google Pay users are sending Booster links via SMS or Social media apps, Check your SMS inbox or app.
  2. Follow our Telegram group to find & get thousands of links for boosters.
  3. Opening friends or others’ gpay links will make the chance higher to get a 9x booster. this method is very helpful because too many users are getting 4X to 9X boosters via clicking other’s links.
  4. Users can also use some useful other ways to get booster – Credit Card Bill payment & Food AR Scan, many players are getting up to 5X boosters.
  5. You can comment on your own gpay link to share with other users & also visit someone’s links.

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how to get more floors in gpay food market

  • Food AR Scan – Get 10 + floors when you scan food. Repeat this procedure daily 2 times to earn 10+ Floors daily
  • Share and get friends to visit you daily – For 10, 20, and 50 Unique friends sharing daily get 10, 30, and 50 floors.
  • Pay a bill, DTH, or recharge (min. ₹10) – Get 35 floors per payment.
  • Pay someone, do a bank transfer or pay online (min. ₹30) –  Get 2 floors per payment.
  • Pay any QR code (min. ₹30) – Get 4 floors per payment.
  • Split an expense (min. ₹30) –  Get 2 floors when it’s fully settled and at least one friend paid with Google Pay.
  • Build daily to unlock 2x booster- Build at least 1 floor, 3 days in a row to double the floors you earn until the end of the current round.

Get Floors In Google Pay Food Market Offer

There are a few ways to get floors every day. Different qualifying actions give you a different number of floors:

Earn floors

  1. Do a minimum of ₹30 Transactions on Google Pay.

Earn  2 floors

  1. Pay Gapy user, do a bank transfer or pay online. Valid 2 transactions in a day per team member.

Earn 2 floors

  1. Scan the UPI QR code & make payment. Valid 2 transactions in a day per team member.

Earn 4 floors

  1. Pay a bill, DTH, or recharge your mobile. Valid 2 transactions in a day per team member.

Earn 2 floors

  1. Split an expense with your friends & pay. complete the Daily Bonus task every day under 24 hours – valid once per day per team member.

Earn 6 floors

  1. Do a minimum ₹10 Payment for 2 unique Google Pay QR codes.
  2. Do a minimum ₹10 transition to 2 different contact gpay users.
  3. 2 bill payments or mobile recharges.

Get 10 floors –

  1. add extra UPI IDs for payments.
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