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How do I sign out of an Amazon Prime account from various devices? The Step-by-step guide

Amazon is one of the popular apps and we are all hooked to it in one way or the other. Thus we are logged in at Amazon in one way or the other and most of us are via smartphone devices. Whenever you are logged into the app on any particular device, you often are seen signed up unless you are seen specifically signed out. There are several ways of knowing the answer for the question – how to sign out from the amazon prime app. Now, let us check the same as under:

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You do not see the limit of using the same account on a number of devices as far as Amazon is concerned. You can easily get the chance to use it on your Prime Video account, while at the same time, you have too many more device you want and then can check which one stream the three titles together at one time or using three devices that can further help in singing out from all your devices that you are not going to use.

How to sign out various devices from the amazon prime app? Step-by-step guide

The following are some of the key steps given below when you want to get the answer for your question – how can I see what devices are logged into my Amazon account? Now, let us check how you can do the same form any device with the help of using the Amazon site as under:

log out Amazon Prime account from all devices

  • Visit the Amazon portal
  • Now, check the option Manage Your Content and Devices
  • Next comes the option of logging in over Amazon account credentials
  • Then you get the chance to click over the devices
  • In the next step, you then have to click over the Action button.
  • Lastly, you then have to click over the option – Deregister.

You are done. However, you have some other ways of signing out on any Amazon account, let us check the same as under:

You can do this with the help of either checking it with the choice of either changing your password or simply with the help of adding the 2-step authentication on your account.

This will sign you out of all the other devices that you may have logged into with your Amazon Prime account.

Or you can get the chance to even contact the Amazon customer support team for helping you with the help of ensuring that your account remains logged out from all the locations and devices.

Wrapping up

In this way, you can do the needful. So, did you find it useful? Do comment and let us know!

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