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Name the country Quiz – Quarantine Whatsapp Quiz Answers

Name the country Quiz Answers, Quarantine Quiz, Whatsapp Quiz, Quiz For Whatsapp – Hey Tophunt readers, i know that you are getting bored at the home because of India lockdown due to coronavirus spread. But don’t take tension. today i am going to share with you the Name of the country Quiz for Whatsapp.

Indian Government Announced Lockdown for 21 days from 24th March to 14th April 2020 because of spreading coronavirus. Not only India but the whole world has been closed due to this virus. Corona infection is spreading rapidly in all countries, due to this it has become mandatory for people to stay at home.

We are getting bored to stay in the house for a long time, so we entertain ourselves through the internet. usage of whatsapp has doubled during this Bharat Bandh. People are spending more of their time on WhatsApp. user is sharing quiz, jokes, coronavirus, and work from home related messages on the whatsapp.

Today we will tell you the answers to a viral whatsapp Name the country quiz by tophunt.

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Whatsapp Emoji Name the Country Quiz


Name the country quiz Answers:

2. ⁠China
⁠3. Iceland
⁠4. Oman
⁠5. Qatar
⁠6. Japan
⁠7. Germany
8. ⁠Portugal
9. ⁠Libya
10. ⁠Ukraine
⁠11. Paraguay
⁠12. Botswana
13. ⁠Haiti
⁠14. Peru
⁠15. Taiwan
16. ⁠Poland
⁠17. Bangladesh
18. France
19. Singapore
20. Belgium
21. Norway
22. Iran
23. Thailand
24. Malaysia
25. Netherlands

About Whatsapp Quiz 

During home quarantine, the messages related to the quiz on whatsapp are the most trending, people are trying to solve the quiz by putting their talent, because of the quiz your brain gets sharp and you are not bored.

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