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Pinocchio Horror Game: ‘Lies of P’ Unleashes Chills on PS5,4 PC, & Xbox One

the Pinocchio horror game that will make you tremble. You’ll see a distorted version of the popular wooden puppet’s narrative in this terrifying adventure. Prepare for a harrowing adventure as you unearth dark truths and navigate a nightmare environment. Prepare to be enthralled by the horror of “Lies of P.”

What is the game with the scary Pinocchio?

The title of the new Pinocchio game is “Lies of P.” In this game, players put themselves in the shoes of Pinocchio and discover a terrifying and twisted version of the original narrative. To learn the truth concealed beneath Pinocchio’s dark world, they must traverse through spooky settings, solve riddles, and battle terrifying monsters. Prepare for an exciting and terrifying gaming experience with “Lies of P.”

Is there a game where you play as Pinocchio?

In the video game “Lies of P,” players take control of Pinocchio and travel through a warped and sinister retelling of the well-known tale. It delivers a distinctive and spooky experience as you solve puzzles and faces your anxieties to make it out of Pinocchio’s nightmare world.

What is the new Pinocchio game called?

The new Pinocchio game is titled “Lies of P.” In this game, players assume the role of Pinocchio and are thrust into a terrifying and twisted retelling of the well-known tale. To find the truth concealed beneath Pinocchio’s shadowy world, they must move through unsettling settings, solve riddles, and deal with terrifying creatures. Prepare yourself for a memorable and terrifying gaming experience with “Lies of P.”

Lies of P Pinocchio horror game storyline

Enter a warped world where the popular Pinocchio story takes a horrific turn. “Lies of P,” a freshly published horror game, brings the legendary wooden puppet to life on the PlayStation 5 (PS5) system. Prepare to be enthralled by a spine-chilling story, a terrifying atmosphere, and heart-pounding gameplay. In this post, we’ll delve into the horrifying depths of this one-of-a-kind horror encounter, ‘Lies of P.’

Unveiling the Dark Side of Pinocchio:

‘Lies of P’ takes inspiration from the original Pinocchio narrative but adds a nasty twist. Instead of the usual joyful excursions, gamers will find themselves in a dark and sinister universe. The player will discover a labyrinth of lies, deception, and supernatural happenings as they control Pinocchio, leading them into a nightmare world.

Eerie Atmosphere and Haunting Visuals:

The atmospheric presentation of ‘Lies of P’ is one of the film’s major qualities. The creators have painstakingly created a frightening environment that heightens the sensation of anxiety and uncertainty. With sophisticated graphics, engaging sound design, and realistic lighting effects, the game’s aesthetics on the PS5 take the horror experience to new heights. Every shadow conceals a secret, and every creaking floorboard announces the presence of an unseen danger.

Heart-Pounding Gameplay

Heart-Pounding Gameplay is navigating through a succession of terrifying circumstances, solving riddles and finding the truth while avoiding scary monsters. The principles of the game combine stealth, exploration, and strategic thinking to keep players on the edge of their seats. As Pinocchio’s threads draw them deeper into the warped story, they must face their anxieties front on in order to survive the nightmare reality.

The Unravelling Mystery:

‘Lies of P’ has an engrossing plot that gradually unravels as the game continues. Players will come across cryptic individuals, haunting places, and mind-bending riddles that will expose the terrible truths concealed beneath Pinocchio’s world. They will confront their own concerns and battle with the implications of their actions as they find the truth behind the falsehoods.

Lies of P Pinocchio horror game Available on these platforms

“Lies of P,” the scary Pinocchio horror game, is accessible on a variety of platforms. Whether you’re a PC or console player, you may play the terror on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Excitingly, the game will also be featured in the Xbox Game Pass, allowing players to enter Pinocchio’s nightmare world on September 19th. Choose your favorite platform and get ready for a tense experience with “Lies of P.”


‘Lies of P’ is a¬†horror game that reimagines Pinocchio’s beautiful story in a horrific and unforgettable way. It provides an experience that will fascinate and keep gamers on the edge of their seats with its immersive atmosphere, haunting graphics, and heart-pounding action. If you like horror games and want to go on a twisted trip, ‘Lies of P’ for the PS5 is a must-play. Prepare for an extraordinary and terrifying encounter with the evil side of the wooden puppet.

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