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Where does Chess come from originally? & What’s the highest title for a chess player? – Amazon Quiz

Where does Chess come from originally? Amazon Quiz Answers

Explaination – Chess come from India originally.

India is where chess actually started. The game is thought to have been invented there for the first time roughly 1,500 years ago. Chess became one of the most common and strategic board games played today when it eventually expanded to other parts of the world.

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Q1: Where does Chess come from originally?

Answer 1 (B) – India

Q2: What’s the highest title for a chess player?

Answer 2 (A) – Grandmaster

Q3: How many pawns does each player have at the start of a game?

Answer 3 (B) – 8

Q4: Which piece in chess can only move diagonally?

Answer 4 (C) – Bishop

Q5: How do you win at chess?

Answer 5 (D) – By putting your enemy’s king in checkmate

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