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Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Quiz Answers Today 16 July 2021

Flipkart PrizeWali Pathshala Quiz, Flipkart Prize Wali Pathshala Answers 16 July 2021 Today win– Hey Friends here are all the correct 3 answers to The Quiz.

Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Quiz is Live Now. You can play the Flipkart Prize Wali Pathshala Play and win Vouchers, Gems & More. If You are looking for fast and right Flipkart quiz answers here are all 3 correct answers to The Quiz.

The show is about answering correct answers to the quiz show. The host of the show, Sugandha Mishra & Garvitt Pareek will ask 3 questions in each episode, the users will be given options to choose from. You are eligible to win a reward if you score all 3 correct answers in the episode.

Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Quiz Details:

  • Quiz Prizes: Gems, Vouchers & Prizes
  • Total Prizes: 1 Lakh + Prizes
  • Available on: Flipkart Game
  • Based on: General Knowledge
  • Date & Time: 16 July , 12AM to 12PM
  • Winner Announcement: Immediately

How to Play Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Quiz 16th July

1.. Download Flipkart App From Google Play Store OR Apple Store.

2. Open & Sign in to the Flipkart App.

3. Open Games Section in the app & Find Prize Wali Paathshala Contest

4. There will be a total of 3 Video-Based  questions

5. Answer all Prize Wali Paathshala Quiz questions correctly to enter the lucky draw.

Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Answers Today 16th July 2021 

Updating Time: 12.01 AM (Note- If you do Not See the answers )

Here are Flipkart Prize Wali Paathshala Answers Today: Season 2 –

Episode 81 –


Answer 1: 


Answer 2: 


Answer 3: 

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Episode 80 – Masti ki Paathshala

Q1: Who is the captain of the Indian men’s team in the odi series against Sri Lanka in July 2021?

Answer 1: Shikhar Dhawan

Q2: Which actor has announced that they are directing a movie based on the emergency?

Answer 2: Kangana Ranawat

Q3: Identify this name _ a _t?

Answer 3: Maruti

Episode 79 -Thunder-Bolt-Lightning 

Q1: Which Oplymian named there child Olympia, Lighting & Thunder?

Answer 1: USAIN BOLT

Q2: A. R. Rahman has not given music in which of these movies?

Answer 2: DEV D

Q3: Which is these historical events happenes first?


Episode 78 – Incredible India! 

Q1: In the movie Swades where does Shah Rukh Khan’s character work?

Answer 1: NASA

Q2: Which of these is banned in mainland China?


Q3: Identify this dance form _ _I_SI?

Answer 3: ODISSI

Episode 77 – Governor to PM

Q1: The first newspaper printed in India in which language?

Answer 1: ENGLISH

Q2: Which of these people has also served as governor of rbi?

Answer 2: OPTION 2

Q3: Which of these countries has the cow as its national animal?

Answer 3: NEPAL

Episode 76 – Kitne Aadmi the? 

Q1: Which of these players gives his name to a type of run out in cricket?


Q2: Which of these is not situated in rajasthan?


Q3: In which year was sholay released?

Answer 3: 1975

Episode 75 -The Reel Prime Minister 

Q1: The ozone layer in atmosphere is made up of which element?

Answer 1: OXYGEN

Q2: Which actor has played the real life indian prime minister onscreen?


Q3: Which indian city hosted the asian games twice?

Answer 3: NEW DELHI

Episode 74 – Independent India

Q1: Which of these cities was built after Independence of India?


Q2: Which of these companies is not headquartered in Mumbai?


Q3: Which blood group is known as the universal donor?

Answer 3: O –

Episode 73 –

Q1: Identify this instrument _ _ _ _ eter

Answer 1: OXIMETER

Q2: Which of these women have never served as a chief minister of an Indian State?


Q3: Who narrates the events of the Kurukshetra war to the blind Dhritarashtra?

Answer 3: SANJAY

Episode 72 -Sa Re Ga Ma

Q1: Which of these countries banned Twitter in July 2021 after a problematic tweet by its president?

Answer 1: NIGERIA -C

Q2: Which of these cricketers has hit a triple century in a test match?

Answer 2: OPTION 1 -A

Q3: Identify this musical instrument _nt_o?

Answer 3: SANTOOR

Episode 71 -Cricket se “Tata” Tata

Q1: Who does the Indian President submit their resignation to?

Answer 1: Vice President

Q2: Which brand has not served as the main sponsor of the Indian cricket team?

Answer 2: Option C (TATA)

Q3: Tacos and burritos are dishes from which country?

Answer 3: Mexico

Episode 70 – Batman in India? 

Q1: Which animal gets its name from Indian language?

Answer : CHEETAH

Q2: Which of these is not find in a pair in a human body?

Answer : LIVER

Q3: Which of these forts appears In the batman movie the dark knight rises?


Episode 69 -City of Light

Q1: Which of these actors has appeared in a spiderman movie?

Answer 1: Irfan Khan

Q2: Which newspaper launched #cuttheshame campaign to raise awareness about periods?

Answer 2: The Times Of India

Q3: Identify this town _ a _ a _ asi?

Answer: Varanasi

Episode 68 – Women Power

Q1: Who has composed and sung tu thaan le the indian team theme song for the olympics?

Answer 1: (B) Mohit Chouhan

Q2: Which of these flage belongs to the country’s whose pm is sheikh hasina

Answer 2: (A) Bangladesh

Q3: Identify this women cricketer name sa__al?

Answer 3: Shafali

Episode 67 – World Yoga Day

Q1:  Which of these organisations jointly developed the myoga app that was launched on international yoga day?

Answer: WHO – A

Q2: The father of which of these cricketers is a former ranji trophy player?

Answer: Cheteshwar Pujara

Q3: In which sport did dingko singh win an asian games gold medal for India?

Answer: Boxing

Episode 66 – Waah Taj!

Q1: Taj Mahal was built in which century?

Answer 1: 1600

Q2: Identify this city. _ _ _G_RH

Answer 2: ALIGARH

Q3:Which celebrity was not born in India?

Answer 3: DEEPIKA

Episode 65 – Taste Of The Best

Q1: identify this food item us-ar

Answer 1: Mustard (M , T & D)

Q2: which of these companies was not founded by an iit graduate

Answer 2: Oyo – D

Q3: the india vs newzealand world test championship final was held in which city?

Answer 3: Southampton – B

Episode 64 – Social Distancing

Q1: Which company makes a video calling device named portal

Answer 1: Facebook

Q2: Which of these animals can be seen on the national emblem of India?

Answer 2: Horse

Q3: After which of these personalities is the Varanasi airport named?

Answer 3: Lal Bahadur Shastri

Episode 63 – Zoom Barabar

Q1: Which of these is not the name of a product made by Google?

Answer 1: Zoom – A

Q2: Who made a cameo in student of the year 2?

Answer 2: Will Smith -B

Q3: Identify this animal _ I q fe?

Answer 3: GIRAFFE

Episode 62  – Horn Ok Please..!

Q1: Which of these car brands is not named after a person?

Answer 1: FIAT

Q2: Identify this creature _o_n_ill

Answer 2: HORNBILL

Q3: What is the covid causing virus variant detected in india called?

Answer 3: DELTA

Episode 61  – Atmanirbhar Bharat

Q1: Which brand was originally made in India?

Answer 1: Fiama Di Wills – A

Q2: Which of these crickerters nicknamed jinx?

Answer 2: Option 4 – D

Q3: Which river does not host the kumbh mela on its banks?

Answer 3: NARMADA

Episode 59  – Great Indian Desert

Q1: Name this _ _ K H _ N?

Answer 1: Pokhran

Q2: Who amongst these PMs never got married?

Answer 2: Atal Bihari Vajpayee

Q3: Which country produced the sinovac vaccine of covid19?

Answer 3: China

Episode 58  – Happy Birthday PM

Q1: Which animal has indian breeds named Mehsana and murrah?

Answer 1: BUFFALO – C

Q2: Which instrument did ustad Bismillah Khan play?

Answer 2: Shehnai – D

Q3: Which is the birth year of PM Narendra Modi?

Answer 3: 1950 – B

Episode 57 – Cricket Carnival

Q1: Which tournament is scheduled to be held in India in 2021?

Answer 1: T20 World Cup – D

Q2: Which flag does not belong to a country bordering India?

Answer 2: Japan – B

Q3:Identify this name _ _ u _ am?

Answer 3: GAUTAM – G,A& T

Episode 56 -Cricket & Politics!

Q1:  Identify this place h_mba?

Answer 1: Chambal

Q2:  Who has an international cricket stadium named after them?

Answer 2: Arun Jaitely

Q3: Which game has less than 11 players in the team?

Answer 3: Volleyball

Episode 55 -Vroom Vroom!

Q1:What is the name of the fund chaired by the prime minister of India?

Answer 1: PM Cares

Q2:Which of these buildings has a number in its name?

Answer 2: Option 4 ( Char Minar )

Q3: Where was the formula 1 Indian grand prix held?

Answer 3: Uttar Pradesh

Episode 54 – Dandi March

Q1: Identify this surname _AD__A?

Answer 1: JADEJA

Q2:Which animal is the state animal of West Bengal?

Answer 2: Fishing Cat 

Q3: In which year did mahatma gandhi lead the salt march to dandi?

Answer 3: 1930

Episode 53 – Jersey No. 18

Q1: Which animal has poor eyesight??


Q2: Which part of the human body makes blood cells?

Answer 2: BONES- B

Q3: In which year did virat kohli make his debut in international cricket?

Answer 3: 2008 – B

Episode 52 –Rihana ka Deewana

Q1: Which of these places did not come under India control on august 15 1947?

Answer 1: GOA

Q2: Which of these sportsperson is married to another sportsperson?

Answer 2: Saint Nehwal

Q3: In feb 2031 which siner released a song named riri about rihanna?

Answer 3: Diljit Dostnath

Episode 51 – The Invisible Hero 

Q1: Which of these apps has a feature called spaces?

Answer 1: Twitter

Q2: In the movie mr .india which of these objects makes the wearer invisible?

Answer 2: Wrist Watch 

Q3: Identify this surname A_VAN_?

Answer 3: Advani

Episode 50 – India’s Business Tycoons

Q1: Where is india tallest mountain located?

Answer 1:  SIKKIM- 

Q2: Which of these business groups was started first?

Answer 2: WADIA – A

Q3: Which of these fathers son duos are also called jai kishan jain hemant?


Episode 49 -Heritage Landmarks 

Q1: Identify the plant?

Answer 1: Bamboo

Q2: Which of these actors is an engineer?

Answer 2: TAPSEE PANNU – B

Q3: Which of these landmarks were not built by the British?

Answer 3: Tajmahal Palace – A

Episode 48 – India’s Beauty Queens 

Q1: Which city IPL team changed their name for ipl 2021 season?

Answer 1: MOHALI – C

Q2: Which of these actress did not win the miss India competition?


Q3: Who among these has served as chief minister of a state?


Episode 47 – Sky High Wedding

Q1: Which of these cities is not a state capital?


Q2: Identify this personality __ji_ao?

Answer 2: BAJIRAO B, A& R

Q3: In May 2021 aboard which airline did a couple in tamil nadu conduct their wedding?

Answer 3: Spicejet

Episode 46 -Main Tera Amplifier 

Q1: Which of the technologies is named after the person?

Answer 1: DOLBY – C

Q2: Which kd these movies does not contain the name of place?

Answer 2: TUBELIGHT – C

Q3: Which cricketer has not played a twenty match for India yet?

Answer 3: PRITHVI SHAW – B

Episode 45 – Kabaddi Kabaddi!

Q1: In which of these states would you find an Indian Rhinoceros in the wild?

Answer 1: Assam – A

Q2: Which actor owns the Pro Kabaddi team Jaipur Pink Panthers?

Answer 2: Abhishekh Bachchan – B

Q3: Which of these materials is not made from plants?

Answer 3: Silk – C


Episode 44 – Reel vs Real

Q1: Which freedom fighter was killed in gunfight with the british at alfred park in prayagraj

Answer 1: Chandra S Azad -D

Q2: Which of these real life characters has Abhishek Bacchan not played on screen?

Answer 2: Charles S – C

Q3: Identify this town __nar?

Answer 3: Konark – K , O & K

Episode 43 -Saviour Sood

Q1: Identify this personallity _J w a l

Answer 1: KEJRIWAL, K,E,R & I

Q2: Which celebrity poster was showered with milk for his efforts in helping people during the pandemic?

Answer 2: SONU SOOD- C

Q3: Who served as the prime minister after Pt Jwaharlal Nehru?

Answer 3: L B SHASHTRI – B

Episode 42 -Destination Weddings

Q1: Which of these is owned by an Indian company?

Answer 1: Jaguar – D

Q2: Which of these couples got married in a palace?

Answer 2: Option D

Q3: The foundation ostone for which of these was laid b y mian mir a sufi saint?

Answer 3: Golden temple – C

Episode 41 – Jewel of India

Q1: Which of these brands is owned by ms dhoni?

Answer 1: SEVEN – D

Q2: The bharat ratna award is in the shape of which of these?

Answer 2: PEEPAL LEAF – A

Q3: In which yearm indira gandhi impose the emergency?

Answer 3: 1975 – C

Episode 40 – Indo-Pak War

Q1: In which of these years did inda not fight a war with Pakistan?

Answer 1: 1975 -B

Q2: Idenitify the logo of telegram?

Answer 2: Option 3 -C

Q3: Identify this place __ipur?

Answer 3: Udaipur U , D & A

Episode 39 -Sports mein Nepotism

Q1:Where was Mahatama Gandhi when India became independent?

Answer 1: Kolkatta – C

Q2:Who among these is not a child of sportsperson?

Answer 2: Image 3- C

Q3:Which of these states did not see a new government elected in 2021?

Answer 3: Uttarakhand

Episode 38 -India’s World Cup Glory

Q1:Starting in the 19th century which of these princely state was ruled by begums for over a century?

Answer 1: Bhopal – A

Q2:Which of these can breathe underwater?

Answer 2: Shark -D

Q3:In which of these years has India not won a world cup in cricket?

Answer 3: 2003

Episode 37 – T20 ka Power Player

Q1:Which university co-developed the Covishield vaccine?

Answer 1: OXFORD

Q2:Who was the leading run-scorer in the IPL 2021 at the time it was suspended?


Q3: Salman Khan’s film Radhe: Your Most Wanted Bhai is based on a film made in which language?

Answer 3: KOREAN

Episode 36 -Billion $$$ Breakup

Q1: The co-founder of which of these companies recently announced that he was divorcing his wife?

Answer 1: Microsoft – B

Q2: Sputnik-V the Russian vaccine was named after the world’s first war?

Answer 2: Satelite – C

Q3: Who of the following was not the son of Mughal emperor Akbar?

Answer 3: Khusrau- D

Episode 35 – Roar of the Cheetah?

Q1: What does the name of the cyclone ‘Tauktae’ mean?

Answer 1: lizard, -D

Q2: Which country originally developed pubg?

Answer 2: South Korea- D

Q3: Which of these animals can’t roar?

Answer 3: Chittah -A

Episode 35 -Registaan mein Pahaad

Q1: How many months are there in a century?

Answer 1: 1200 – C

Q2: Which of these is not a UNESCO World Heritage site?

Answer 2: Lotus Temple – C

Q3: Which of these Mountain ranges are found in Rajasthan?

Answer 3: Aravalli- A

Episode 34 – The Real Gully Boy

Q1: Which of these monuments did emperor Akbar build after conquering Gujrat?

Answer 1: Buland Darwaja – C

Q2: Guess the famous actors name _ AN _ EE _?

Answer 2: Ranveer Singh -RVR

Q3: What term is used for a word that is spelled the same forward and backward?

Answer 3: Palindrome – C

Episode 33 |Fauji se Badshah

Q1: Which of these film stars was noticed in the tv series Fauji ?

Answer 1: Shah Rukh Khan – C

Q2: The process where plants lose water through their leaves is called?

Answer 2: Transpiration- B

Q3: Select the odd one out?

Answer 3: Bappi Lahiri- C

Episode 32 | Game Takht

Q1: Which number comes next 1-2-3-5-8-13 _?

Answer 1: 21 – C

Q2: Which of these cricketers did not marry in the year 2020?

Answer 2: Jaspreet Bumrah- C

Q3: Who was the last Mughal emperor to have sat on the throne of Delhi?

Answer 3: Bahadur Shah – B

Episode 31 |- Taal Se Taal Mila

Q1: Which of these building is located in Mumbai?

Answer 1: Option  1

Q2: The Indian Railways is divided into how many zones?

Answer 2: 17

Q3: What is the term used to describe ‘BEAT’ in Indian classical music?

Answer 3: Taalam

Episode 30 – Genda Phool

Q1: In which country is the tomb of the first Mughal emperor situated?

Answer 1: Afghanistan

Q2: What do we call the phenomenon that resists the movement of stationary objects?

Answer 2: Inertia

Q3: Which flower was the basis of a super-hit song by Badshah featuring Jacqueline Fernandez?

Answer 3: Marigold -(Option No.3)

Episode 29 – Shahi Mughalai

Q1: Which of these mountains is located in asia?

Answer 1: Mount Fuji -C

Q2: Whom did mughal emperor shah Jahan choose as his Successor?

Answer 2: Dara Sikhoh – B
Q3: On which of these river is one of the songs from the movie haider based on?

Answer 3: Jhelum – B

Episode 28 – Pawri Ho Rahi Hai!

Q1: Which of these water bodies is the largest in the world?

Answer 1: Pacific Ocen

Q2: Which letter of the English alphabet is the most used in normal writing?

Answer 2: E

Q3:  Which of these girls has been having a super-viral ‘pawri’ video on the internet?

Answer 3: Option- D

Episode 27 – India’s own France

Q1: If there are 60 seconds in a minute how many hours are there in a week?

Answer 1: 168 hours

Q2 : Which of these actors is the son of a famous poet?

Answer 2: Farhan Akhtar

Q3:  Which of these places was under foreign colonial rule even after India gained independence?

Answer 3: Pondicherry

Episode 26 – Kabab Mein Pretty

Q1: Which is the longest side of a right-angled triangle?

Answer 1: Hypotenuse

Q2: Apart from India which country’s national anthem did Rabindranath Tagore write?

Answer 2: Bangaladesh

Q3: Which actress was at the centre of funny memes after a viral video with Riteish Deshmukh and Genelia D’souza?

Answer 3: Priety Zinta

21 May- Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 25

Q1: Which of these is the odd one out?

Answer 1: Flute -B

Q2: Which of these commonly used spice is called ‘Dal chini’ in Hindi?

Answer 2: Cinnamon -A

Q3: Which of these animals is not found in India?

Answer 3: Moose -A

20 May- Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 24

Q1: On which continent is the world’s driest place found where it rains the least?

Answer 1: Antarctica

Q2: Which social media star had earlier gained popularity with the TV series Phulwa in 2011?

Answer 2: Jannat Zubair

Q3: How many players play on the court at a time in a basketball match?

Answer 3: 10

19 May- Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 23

Q1:  How many pairs of ribs does a normal adult human being have ?

Answer 1: 12

Q2: What name is collectively given to petals of a flower?

Answer 2 : corona

Q3: Whose birthday on 29th august is celebrated as national sports day in India?

Answer 3: Dhanchand – Option 2 

18 May- Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 22

Q1: Tipu Sultan was the ruler of which kingdom?

Answer 1: Mysore

Q2: In which branch of mathematics would you come across the terms sine-tangent and cos?

Answer 2: trigonometry

Q3: Which of these fruits does not grow on a tree?

Answer 3: Strawberry

17 May- Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 21- Paisa Hi Paisa!

Q1: In which city is the Biju Patnaik International airport located?

Answer 1: Bhuvaneshwar -D

Q2: Which monument can be seen on the Rs.200 Indian currency note?

Answer 2: Sanchi Stupa -C

Q3:What is the full form of IP in computer language?

Answer 3: Internet Protocol – B

16 May- Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 20

Q1:Which of these apps was launched in India after the bank of TikTok?

Answer 1: Chingari

Q2: Which of these container ships got stuck in the Suez Canal and blocked it for days in March 2021?

Answer 2: ever given

Q3: What is the full form of FTW?

Answer 3: for the win

15 May- Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 19

Q1:In which city was the Indian National Congress founded?

Answer 1: Bombay 

Q2:  Which of these statue is built on the river Narmada?

Answer 2: statue of unity

Q3:What are permanently frozen lakes called?

Answer 3: glaciers

14 May- Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 18

Q1: Which social media portal has created Horizon – a new virtual world that allows people to explore – connect with others and play games?

Answer 1: Facebook

Q2: Which of these diseases is spread by the common housefly?

Answer 2: Cholera

Q3: What is arachnophobia the fear of?

Answer 3: Spider

13 May- Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 17 |

Q1: In 1952 who became the first Vice President of India?

Answer 1: Image 4 

Q2:  Which of these component does the Fungi plant lack?

Answer 2: Chlorophyll

Q3: In which city would you find the largest jail in Asia?

Answer 3: New Delhi

12 May- Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 16 |

Q1:Which of these characters is a ninja or shinobi named _______ Uzumaki??

Answer 1: Naruto

Q2: Which of the following species weigh more than any other species on this planet?

Answer 2: Insects

Q3: Which snake did Krishna defeat in a battle in the Yamuna river?

Answer 3: Kaliya

11 May- Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 15 |

Q1: Which of these icons would you click to access Instagram TV?

Answer 1: image 1

Q2: The Aadhar card is issued by the UIDAI to every citizen of our country. What does the ‘U’ stand for?

Answer 2: Unique

Q3: Which of these scientists was the first to identify a living cell?

Answer 3: Robert Hooke

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 14 |10 May-

Q1: What item commonly found in the kitchen is scientifically named Sodium Chloride?

Answer 1: salt

Q2: Which monument in Delhi was built as an observatory by Raja Jai Singh II?

Answer 2: Jantar Mantar

Q3: Who amongst the following actresses won the National award for the best actress first?

Answer 3: Priyanka Chopra

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 13 |9 May-

Q1: Which is the current official car of the President of India?

Answer 1: Marcedes Benz 

Q2: Which of these natural disasters is measured through Mercalli Scale?

Answer 2: earthquake

Q3: Which of these animals has the most number of legs?

Answer 3: spider

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 12 |8 May-

Q1: What is the scale used for measuring an earthquake’s intensity?


Q2: Which of these fruits is defined as a drupe?

Answer 2: PLUM

Q3: In which city is the headquarter of the Southern Command of the Indian Army located?

Answer 3: PUNE

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 11 |7 May-

Q1:  In which cantonment town did Mangal Pandey fire at his superior officers disobeying the command to use newly issued cartridges?

Answer 1: Barrackpore

Q2: Which of these birds is the state bird of West Bengal?

Answer 2: W Kingfisher 

Q3: Guess the animal W_RTH_G

Answer 3: Warthog 

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 10 |6 May-

Q1:  Which of these celebrities has the most number followers on Twitter?

Answer 1: Barak Obama

Q2:  Which country has the world’s largest rainforests?

Answer 2: brazil

Q3: Which of these parts of the body is made out of keratin?

Answer 3: nails

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 09 |3 May- Dhoom Machale!

Q1: Which of these actors did not play the villain in the dhoom film series ?


Q2: Which Korean boy band has a fan following called ARMY ?

Answer 2: BTS

Q3: What is the fear of colours called ?


Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 08 |3 May- Olympic Champions

Q1: Which gas is used to fill in balloons to make them float on their own in the air?

Answer 1: HELIUM

Q2: Which country has won th most medals in the history of Olympic Games?

Answer 2: USA

Q3: Which of these is not a fossil fuel?

Answer 3: FIREWOOD

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 07 |3 May- Mughal Era Tombs

Q1: Which of these does not fit with the rest of the monuments?

Answer 1: Charminar

Q2:Which part of a plant is called as the ‘Kitchen’?

Answer 2: Leaf

Q3: What is the full form of  BIB?

Answer 3: Boss is back

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 06 |2 May- The Mango Season

Q1: Which element is the main component of diamonds?

Answer 1: Carbon

Q2: Who was the last Governor General of India?

Answer 2: C Rajgopalchari

Q3: Which of these is NOT a kind of mango?

Answer 3: Hariyali

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 05 |1 May

Q1: Which modern-day Indian state did Vasco da Gama reach when he first came India?

Answer 1: Kerala

Q2: Which of the film actor’s birth name was Inquilab Srivastava?

Answer 2: Amitabh Bachhan

Q3: The frozen form of which of the following gaese is also known as Dry ice?

Answer 3: Carbon Dioxide

Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 04 |30 April 

Q1: Which is the next number in the series: 1 – 8 – 27 – 64 – ___?

Answer 1: 125

Q2: Who is the present Chief Minister of Rajasthan?


Q3: Which natural disaster is responsible for the creation of a tsunami?


Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 03 |29 April 

Q1: Which of these vegetables does NOT grow above the ground?

Answer 1: TURNIP

Q2: Which Indian celebrity has the most number of followers on Instagram?


Q3: Which country is currently ruled by King Rama X?

Answer 3: THAILAND

 Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 02 |28 April

Q1:World’s highest rail bridge has been built over which river?

Answer 1: CHENAB

Q2: Which of these food items will float in plain water?

Answer 2: APPLE

Q3: Which of these acids is commonly found being used in the kitchen?


 Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers – Episode No 01 |27 April

Q1: Which planet in our solar system has a day that is longer than its year?

Answer 1: venus

Q2: Where did the Dandi March start from?

Answer 2: Ahmedabad

Q3: Which of these actresses was originally named Ashwini?

Answer 3: Shilpa Shetty

Season 1 All Episode Answers

Q1: Near which of these places did Rani Laxmi Bai die fighting the British ?

Answer 1: Gwalior

Q2: Which mythological weapon is found on the Param Vir Chakra medal ?

Answer 2: Vajra

Q3: Which of these creatures is found on India’s national emblem ?

Answer 3: Horse

12 January Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers

Q1: Which of these ratios is the same as 2:3?

Answer 1: 6:9

Q2: Which of these gods is primarily worshipped at the Tirumala temple at Tirupati?

Answer 2: Vishnu

Q3: At which town did Mangal Pandey attack British soldiers triggering the 1857 revolt?

Answer 3: Barrackpore

6 January Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers

Q1: Which pair among the following is an odd pair?

Answer 1: Priyanka & Parineeti Chopra

Q2: Indian Railways started the Shatabdi Express train served to mark whose 100th birth anniversary?

Answer 2: Jawaharlal Nehru

Q3: Which of these is not the name of a smart assistant?

Answer 3: Oculus

4 January Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers

Q1: CNG largely consist of which gas?

Answer 1: Methane

Q2: Which of these can hear sounds in the frequency range which humans cannot hear?

Answer 2: All Of These

Q3: By counting the number of which of these in a tree can you determine its age?

Answer 3: Trunk Rings

3 January Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers

Q1: How many years did Shah Jahan take to complete the construction of the Taj Mahal?

Answer 1: 22 Years

Q2: Who among these was the first Indian actress to receive the 3 Padma Shri Award?

Answer 2: Nargis

Q3: 3. Who was the first Indian woman to win an Olympic medal?

Answer 3: Karnam Malleswari

2 January Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers

Q1: In which of these does sound travel the fastest?

Answer 1: Solid

Q2: Which dance form has three primary gharanas named Jaipur – Banaras, and Lucknow?

Answer 2: Kathak

Q3: The stem of which of these is usually consumed as a vegetable?

Answer 3: Potato

1 January Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers

Q1: According to the last census which Indian state has the lowest population?

Answer 1: Sikkim

Q2: Botanically speaking which of the following is a berry?

Answer 2: Banana

Q3: Which of these Indian monuments is the oldest?

Answer 3: Ajanta Caves

16 July Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers

Q1: In which year was Instagram launched?

Answer 1: 2010

Q2: Which is the world’s first trillion-dollar tech company?

Answer 2: Apple

Q3: During what time period was World War I fought?

Answer 3: 1914-1918

30 December Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers

Q1: Which of this agreement was signed between India and Pakistan following the 1971 Bangladesh war?

Answer 1: Simla Agreement

Q2: What is the minimum age for a person to be a member of the Rajya Sabha?

Answer 2: 31 Years

Q3: In which year did the Jallianwala Bagh massacre take place?

Answer 3: 1919

29 December Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers

Q1: Which of these zodiac signs is denoted by the goat?

Answer 1: Capricorn

Q2: Which of these events in Indian history happened first?

Answer 2: Swadeshi Movement

Q3: In which of these Olympic events do participants cover the most distance?

Answer 3: 50 KM Walk

27 December Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers

Q1: Who was the chairman of the drafting committee of the Indian Consitution

Answer 1: BR Ambedkar

Q2: Which of these is also called the ‘golden fiber’?

Answer 2: Jute

Q3: Which influential antibiotic was discovered by Alexander Fleming?

Answer 3: Penicillin

27 December Prize Wali Pathshala Quiz Answers

Q1: Which of these board games was invented in India?

Answer 1: Chess

Q2:  Which planet in our solar system has the largest ring system?

Answer 2: Saturn

Q3: Which is the largest Indian state by area?

Answer 3: Rajsthan

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