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Go India Google Pay Offer Details & Quiz Answers Win – Rs.501 Directly In Bank

Go India google pay Game is known as google pay go India offer & this Contest started now you can participate in this game. if you complete this game you will get rs.101 to Rs.501 reward directly in your bank account. You have to visit virtually all the cities of India & Complete the google pay go India full map to Earn Rs.101 – Rs.501 Reward Price from G-Pay. You need to complete the Game on Google Pay Application Before 25th November 2020.

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Google Pay Go India Hyderabad Quiz Answers

Here is Google Pay Go India Offer Hyderabad City Event Quiz Answers:

Hyderabad Quiz Answers

1. Which Of The Following Is Not A Hyderabadi specialty cuisine?

Answer: Daal Baati Churma

2. Which Of The Following Are Referred To As Twin Cities?

Answer: Secunderabad And Hyderabad

3. What Is Money Or Gifts Given To Younger Members on the Occasion Of Eid Called?

Answer: Eidi

4. On The Bank Of Which River Is Hyderabad Situated?

Answer: Musi

5. What is Hyderabad’s Film City Called?

Answer: Ramoji Film City

6. You receive a call on the eve of Eid stating that you have won a Rs. 10 lakh ‘festive lottery’. You just need to scan a QR code, enter your UPI PIN within the next 2 hours to claim it. You should:

Answer: Never Open GPay Or Enter UPI to receive Money

7. Charminar Literally means?

Answer: Four towers

08. The Famous Lake In Hyderabad Is Called?

Answer: Hussain Sagar Lake

09. Which Of the following is a dance form of Andra Pradesh & Telangana?

Answer: Kuchipudi

10. Question Not Available.

Answer: Navi

10. Question Not Available.

Answer: Do not tell upi

Dharamshala Quiz Answers

  • Answer: A Super Over
  • Answer: Aisle
  • Answer: 2011
  • Answer: 418
  • Answer: Yellow Ball
  • Answer: Australia
  • Answer: 50&20
  • Answer: Never share Your pin
  • Answer: Golden duck

Google Pay Go India Game Collect Tickets to Visit India

Visit all the cities in the go India game by 25th Nov 200 to win go India champion reward rs.101 to Rs.501 directly to your bank AC. Reward Prize will be credited immediately on completing all the cities.

What is Google Pay Go India Offer? :

If You have a question what is go India in google pay

Google Pay Go India Offer is organized by G-Pay & this is a Virtual Cultural event planned inside the go India game. you can check for dates & locations of the cultural events within the game or via Telegram channel @tophuntin

You can visit the virtual cities during the event to collect bonuses, photos, or KM (Kilometers) or city tickets. Each go India google pay virtual cultural event will be held for a limited time only.

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How to Play Google Pay Go India Offer Quiz?

If you have a question How To Collect Google Pay Go India City Tickets and Kilometers (KM) To Visit Cities Of India?

STEP 1: Firstly Download or Update your GPay App.

STEP 2: open G-Pay & scroll down to open GPay Go India game under the Promotions Section.

STEP 3: Touch on Go India ‘Enter Game’ Tab.

STEP 4: Now you need to click on the ‘Start Playing’ to collect GPay Go India Tickets & KM  

STEP 5: select ‘Starting Point’ & then just Touch on the ‘Let’s Go’ button.

STEP 6: Next, Tap on the ‘Gift Box’ to Get First City Ticket & KM.

STEP 7: At this point, you will get 2 city tickets. tap & choose any ticket image any time during the go India google pay game to find out how you can collect more tickets.

STEP 8: You can virtually travel up to 3000 KM.Tap on KM Icon from the Go India dashboard any time during playing Go India Game to find out how you can earn more KM.

STEP 9: Open Dashboard & then click on the Chennai icon.

STEP 10: After that, you can get 1st Image for your 1st City Visit. To collect more city tickets & KMs, you can share your collected Images on social media.

STEP 11: Use the Second Ticket & do the Same Steps.

STEP 12: Complete Google Pay Offers (Pay bills using Gpay) or Request tickets from your friends to get more tickets.

STEP 13: Go back to the Dashboard and Tap on the Ticket Icon to get collect 1 extra Ticket.

How to collect a city ticket? :

There are lots of ways to collect them! You can make any of the following qualifying transactions to get a city ticket. You can get a ticket to the city for which you already have a ticket. This can be shared with friends to get KM in return.

  • Make a mobile recharge on Google Pay.
  • Purchase Play Store recharge codes on Google Pay.
  • Pay to a Google QR code at a local shop or online store.
  • Pay for DTH or household bills on Google Pay.
  • Share a photo or the Go India map
  • Request a city ticket from your friend

How to collect Kilometres (KM) :

Collect KM to visit your desired city. There are lots of ways to collect them, each action giving up to a maximum of 1000 KM every day! Some of the actions resulting in collecting KM can be done just once on a daily basis.

  1. Morning Gifts
  2. Use Google Pay to pay your friend on Google Pay
  3. Do a bank transfer on Google Pay
  4. Pay to another user’s UPI ID
  5. Gift a Go India city ticket to a friend
  6. Share a photo or the Go India map
  7. You can help your friends to collect KM

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) & Question & Answers (QnA) 

how many cities in go India google pay Game?

There are 15 Cities in Google Pay Go India Map. to earn rewards visit all the cities during the offer.

What is KM earned in go India meaning?

Earned KM Means you to traveled Kilometres between virtual cities in Go India Game.

How to Share (Gift) or Request Ticket with Friends?

1. Under the Go India Dashboard You Will see a Tickets Icon on top Tap on it.

2. Now tap on the Gift or Request Button and Choose the Photo You want to share to get Extra tickets.

Source & Credit: Google Pay 

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