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Google Pay Go India Game Chennai City Event Quiz Answers – Win Rs.100

Google Pay Go India Chennai Event Quiz Answers: If you are searching gpay go India Chennai city quiz answers to win the contest then read this post. because we are going to share the Chennai event answers.

Now google pay started another new city-oriented quiz contest under the google pay go India contest. during this contest, you have to visit Chennai city & submit correct answers from 16th November to 18th November 2020. if you submit correct answers then you will get an assured scratch card worth Rs.100 from Gpay.

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How To Visit Chennai City in Google Pay Go India Offer :

Step 1: Go to Go India game under google pay app.

Step 2: Now, stay in Hyderabad City, and then you can play GPay Chennai City Quiz.

Step 3: You Can Earn Chennai City Tickets By doing Tasks In Google Pay Go India Contest :

  • Share Go India Map or City Photo Daily
  • Recharge
  • Pay For Google Play Recharge Code
  • Scan Google Pay QR Codes
  • Pay Bills
  • Pay On MakeMyTrip
  • Buy Gold

Step 4: After reaching Chennai city you can play a quiz.

Google Pay Go India Chennai Quiz Answers :

Chennai Event Quiz Question with Answers 18 November 2020


  • The Right Answer is: Monuments at Mahabalipuram
  • The Right Answer is: Kollywood
  • The Right Answer is: Kanjivaram Saree
  • The Right Answer is: All of them
  • The Right Answer is: Go to help inside Google pay App
  • The Right Answer is: Marina Beach
  • The Right Answer is: APO
  • The Right Answer is: Sweet Dishes
  • The Right Answer is: Chennai Cantt.
  • The Right Answer is:
  • The Right Answer is:

Google Pay Chennai Event Quiz Questions :

Q1: Which UNESCO World Heritage site is located near Chennai?

Answer 1: Monuments at Mahabalipuram

Q2: Chennai’s Tamil film industry is popularly known as

Answer 2: Kollywood

Q3: Which type of Saree would you be buying from Tamil Nadu?

Answer 3: Kanjivaram Saree

Q4: Which of the following is a popular dish in Chennai?

Answer 4: All of them

Q5: You shop for a saree at your favourite store by scanning the QR code on the counter. You need to call Google Pay customer care for transaction’s details. How will you find the customer care?

Answer 5: Go to help inside Google Pay app

Q6: In Chennai, you are walking down the world’s second longest urban beach. Where are you?

Answer 6: Marina Beach

Q7: Which of these is not a popular Chennai drink?

Answer 7: Apo

Q8: Jangiri, Appam & Rava Kesari are all examples of

Answer 8: Sweet dishes

Q9: Which of the following is not a railway station in Chennai?

Answer 9: Chennai Cantt.

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